Easy DIY Living Room LEGO Storage Cabinet

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Parents of LEGO-loving kids, REJOICE! Check out this beautiful DIY Living Room LEGO Storage Cabinet that we put together using an entertainment center from Wayfair and a bunch of storage boxes. This one looks nice enough that we can now allow the kids’ massive LEGO collection to co-exist with our living room!

Living Room LEGO Cabinet

If your kids love LEGO bricks even half as much as mine do, I’ll bet you have tried to organize them at one point or another. I know that over here, over the last 5ish years, we have exhausted all kinds of bins, baskets, boxes, even a big activity table. We were never able to find a way to keep the LEGO sets contained-yet-accessible. And we DEFINITELY were not able to figure out a way to store them that LOOKED visually appealing.

Until last month.

DIY LEGO Storage

I store many of my photo props for this website in my office closet. Most of them are sorted by theme or holiday or season or all of the above. They are all sorted into clear containers which makes it so easy to see inside at a quick glance and grab whichever bin I need at the moment. I was rooting through this closet a few weeks ago and got the idea to use those same boxes for LEGO storage.

Next, we had to find a cabinet or shelving unit to store the containers inside of that both fit our space and looked NICE. Since this cabinet was going to go in our living room, I really wanted to get something eye-appealing but of course, not too pricey.

Here are the products we used to put our LEGO storage together:

Wayfair – Zachery TV Stand for TVs up to 65″

The Container Store – Our Shoe Box (we bought 2 cases of them and used 32/40 boxes)

Putting it all together

The TV stand that we bought came in several colors (we got the gray color). It arrived a couple of weeks after ordering and went together without much hassle (took about an hour).

Gray Cabinet with Barn Doors

Each side of the cabinet features a barn door-style opening. There is a central (shelved) space that we used for additional storage. You could also use these shelves for displaying LEGO builds if you want.

We decided that the top shelf would also be a great place to display in-progress or completed LEGO creations. Having a space dedicated to LEGO display is probably one of my favorite features of this setup. I can’t tell you how many times the kids will finish a build but we have nowhere to put it on display. The LEGO set will sit out for awhile and then eventually get disassembled and tossed in a bin or container. I am happy to have a spot where they can sit out for a long while!

Close up wayfair cabinet

Finding the right containers

At first, we tried to go super cheap and figured we could use shoebox style containers from Dollar Tree. Unfortunately, they didn’t work because the lids had too much of an overhang. This prevented the boxes from nesting and stacking nicely with each other.

dollar store shoebox bins

After realizing that those boxes weren’t a great fit, we grabbed some of my prop-filled shoebox containers from my office closet. They worked much better! They stacked perfectly and to be honest – they are sturdier than the dollar store version anyway. The boxes are much more rugged and will likely hold up better to the constant shuffling and handling by the kids.

Each container holds a lot of LEGO bricks and it would be easy to sort the bricks by set, color, or whatever other theme you desired.

Loose LEGO Bricks in Bins

We figured we could fit around 30 of those boxes in our cabinet, so I ordered 2 cases of Our Shoe Box from The Container Store. Each “value case” had 20 boxes, so we ended up with a total of 40. Our cabinet used 32 boxes when all was said and done.

LEGO cabinet center

Left hand side LEGO cabinet

This cabinet was a super easy DIY and really solved a storage problem for us!

How do YOU store LEGO bricks? Do you organize them or are they in heaps and piles around your house? Let us know if you have found ways to store and/or organize your LEGO bricks and tell us about it! 


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4 thoughts on “Easy DIY Living Room LEGO Storage Cabinet”

  1. Such a great idea! Although I must say that our biggest problem is not as much the storage of the pieces themselves but rather where to put all the completed Lego creations. Once they build them they never want to take them apart! And with 3 Lego obsessed kids it’s overwhelming!

    • Oh I agree – displaying those finished masterpieces can be so challenging too! I think the next time we head to IKEA, we are going to grab a single shelf for each kids’ room for their LEGO displays. They can set them up in their room and then on this cabinet in the living room. From there… I don’t know where we’ll stash them! LOL!

    • Yes, it absolutely would!! :) Any toy sets that are comprised of small pieces that tend to scatter all over your house would work great in this setup! LOL


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