Easy DIY Bug Repellent Candle Jars

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These Easy DIY Bug Repellent Candle Jars look beautiful on your summer picnic table and really help to keep the biting bugs away!  Use essential oil and other natural ingredients to create these pretty jars.

Easy DIY Bug Repellent Candle Jars

Easy DIY Bug Repellent Candle Jars

There are few things that I like more than relaxing outside on a warm summer night as the sun goes down. And while I am not super picky about the locale, I do happen to love my backyard more than most places. It is serene and peaceful, as the crickets warm up their nightly orchestra and the stars start to twinkle in the sky. I can lose myself in happiness as I watch my kids playing or when I think about days gone by and being a kid myself running around the very same yard with my siblings.

Sunset Over Farm Crescent Moon

There is just one thing that I DON’T enjoy about the scene above and unfortunately it goes hand in hand with summer. Sundown is the prime time for the arrival of: BUGS.  And by BUGS, I specifically mean BITING BUGS.  Mosquitoes, horse flies and everything in between like to come out of their hiding spots and ruin my evening by biting the crap out of me. There is nothing serene or peaceful about that.

And so every summer, as we try various bug sprays, tiki torches and repelling candles, I always come back to simplicity. I love making up these easy DIY bug repellent candle jars for three reasons: they seem to keep the bugs at bay, they smell great, and they look super pretty!

You can make up each jar for just a few cents’ worth of supplies. We used 4 oz mason jelly jars and tea lights. You could use any size jars and tea lights or floating candles.  Your choice!

Supplies for Bug Repellent Candle Jars

Makes 6 small (4 oz) jars.

(6) 4 oz glass jars
2 lemons
2 limes
fresh Rosemary sprigs
10 to 15 drops of lemongrass or citronella essential oil (per jar)
Tea light candles or floating candles (1 per jar)

How to Make DIY Bug Repellent Candle Jars

These jars are so simple to make!  You can make a bunch of them up in just a few minutes.

1. Slice the lemons and the limes into thick slices.  (You will need 1 slice of lemon and 1 slice of lime for each jar.)

lemons limes cutting board

2. Place a lemon slice in the bottom of each jar, followed by a lime slice.

lemon limes mason jar tea lights

3. Add a sprig of fresh rosemary to each jar.

fresh rosemary mason jars lemon lime

4. Fill each jar with water.  Fill it almost to the top, leaving room for the candle.

5. Add 10 – 15 drops of lemongrass or citronella essential oil to the water.

essential oil to mason jar

6. Place a candle in the top of each jar carefully. The candle should float at the top of the jar. If you plan to light the candles immediately, be careful to not let the wick get wet.

Tea light candles to mason jars

7. Light the candle as needed! Feel free to play around with different sized jars and different candles until you get your favorite look!  I recommend changing out the jar contents every couple of days with fresh ingredients.

DIY Bug Repellent Jars

Make plans to enjoy these DIY Bug Repellent Jars this summer!

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Easy DIY Bug Repellent Candle Jars

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