5 Easy April Fools’ Day Printable Pranks

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Easy April Fools’ Day Printable Pranks

Pranking your kids this year just got easier than EVER!  Check out our Easy April Fools’ Day Printable Pranks and get 5 different printables that you can use to play some clean jokes on the kids!

Easy April Fools Pranks

The other day we made up some funny “donut seeds” printables which many of you let me know that you loved!  We were inspired to come up with a few more ideas for clean, easy April Fools’ jokes that are perfect to play on friends and family. Keep reading to see what printables are included in the pack (and see the link below to download and/or print the pack for yourself). The donut seeds printable bag toppers ARE included in this pack!  Simply print whichever prank(s) you want – you don’t have to print all five unless you are going to use them all!

Donut Seeds Prank

First up, since it was already mentioned, the donut seeds printable bag toppers! Chances are probably pretty good that you have a circle-shaped cereal (Cheerios, Froot Loops, etc) in your pantry right NOW. And if you don’t, they are very easy to pick up on your next run to the store. Toss some cereal in a bag and top the bag with our donut seeds printables.  Silly fun!  This is a great snack idea to send in to school if your kiddo happens to be assigned with snack duty on April 1st!

Donut Seeds Prank Idea

Wet Paint Sign

Here’s the best thing about (most) kids: they’re entirely gullible.  They will fall for little pranks even when the pranks defy all logic.  Take the wet paint sign and tape it to literally any surface in your house – not even necessarily a painted wall.  LOL See if they fall for the supposed wet paint!

Wet Paint Sign Door

Secret Message Mirror Note

Who doesn’t love a mystery note that takes a little deciphering to solve?  The secret message page in our printable pack has a fun message that is written BACKWARDS.  Give it to the kids and see if they can figure out the easiest way to read the note.  Hint: hold it up to a mirror!

April Fools Prank Mirror Note

Parking Woes

This prank would be perfect to play on a teen driver. Take the “Parking Violation” printable from our pack.  Fold it in half and write “April Fools!!!” on the inside. Stick the paper underneath your kiddo’s windshield and see if you get a reaction.

Parking Ticket

I Baked You Some Brownies

Around here, the kids always get excited when I tell them I did some baking. Find the page with the brown colored letter E’s in our printable pack.  Cut out the E’s and toss them on a plate or baking sheet.  Tell the kids that you baked them some “brown e’s.”  Get it?

Brown E April Fools Day Joke

Get the printables: You can print any or all of the pages shown in this post by heading to our April Fools’ Day Printable Pranks Pack.  This easy-to-open PDF can be printed out all at once or page by page – your choice.

Note: these printables are for personal use only.

You can grab our printable right here. Simply enter your email address in the box and opt-in to receive our free newsletter.  Check your inbox for this printable, which you will receive as a subscriber bonus. 

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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5 Easy April Fools' Day Printable Pranks

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  1. You know on the “Donut Seed” idea my husband and I went several steps further. We had the grandkids over for the weekend (4yrs and 6 yrs) and had them actually plant the “Donut Seeds” in dirt. The next morning they went out to harvest their donuts. Lo and behold there was a little tree with small white and chocolate donuts on the branches. My husband and I before the kids got up, took a branch from a tree and loaded it with donuts. The kids were completely delighted! The only problem was the 6 yr old went to school and told the teacher what happened. The teacher said “There’s no such thing as Donut Seeds.” Busted!!!

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