Easter Activity: Plant Jelly Beans, Grow Peeps

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Easter Activity: Plant Jelly Beans, Grow Peeps

Need a fun and easy Easter and/or Spring time activity for the kids?  We love this one! Plant jelly beans in the yard and watch your kids’ faces light up with wonder as they find Peeps growing the next day!

Peeps on Sticks

Holiday traditions are some of my most cherished past times and looking forward to upcoming holidays is always a bright spot in my day/week/month.

A few years ago, the kids discovered Christmas magic when they planted peppermints and grew candy canes.  That was pretty spectacular and very exciting!  So why limit the fun to Christmas?  That got me thinking about a fun version of this activity for Easter time.  For this bit of Easter magic, you will need to VERY easy-to-find (and cheap to buy!) candies.

You can really use any small candies instead of jelly beans – that’s up to you. Even some decorating sprinkles (or do you say jimmies?) would work great. A small handful for each kid is all you will need.

Materials Needed for this Activity

Jelly Beans
Wooden Skewers

Peeps Garden Supplies

Grow Some Peeps!

1. No digging in the dirt is required for this activity! Give the kids a small handful of jelly beans (or whatever candy you choose to use) and have them sprinkle them in the yard.

Jelly Beans in Grass

2. At some point while the kids are not paying attention (whether it’s that same day or overnight) head out and stick some Peeps-on-skewers in the ground.  You can pick up any jelly beans that you see if you want, that is up to you.

That’s it!

Isn’t that so cute and simple?

Peeps Growing in Yard

Other candies that would work great for “seeds:”

Sweet Tarts
Tic Tacs
Edible Glitter

What fun Easter activities does your family look forward to every year?


Easter Activity Grow Some Peeps

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