The EASIEST Instant Pot Fajita Chicken Recipe

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Instant Pot Fajita Chicken Recipe

Simplicity meets delicious in this Instant Pot Fajita Chicken Recipe, which also just happens to be ZERO points using the WW Freestyle Program!

EASIEST Instant Pot Fajita Chicken Recipe

Many times as I set out to try a new recipe, I find myself taking pictures of the cooking process, just in case the meal ends up being a winner that is deserving of a blog post.  This is just what happened earlier this week when I decided to use my Instant Pot to make dinner.   I figured I would try to make some Instant Pot Fajita Chicken and pretty much tossed ingredients into the cooker and hoped for an edible meal when all was said and done.

It turned out DELICIOUS!  Kids AND adults both gave it a big thumbs up.  This instant pot fajita chicken recipe is a total winner and would even freeze well if you want to prep it for a future meal.


3 boneless skinless chicken breast halves
2 yellow onions (slivered)
2 green peppers (slivered)
2 Cups chicken broth
1 packet taco seasoning

Instant Pot Taco Ingredients

How to make: 

1. Add chicken broth to Instant Pot.

2. Place metal grill piece (came with Instant Pot) on the bottom of your pot and place chicken on the grill in a single layer.

3. Empty half of the seasoning packet onto the chicken.

Instant Pot Chicken

4. Place lid on the Instant Pot and set the seal.  Press the “Poultry” button and let the pressure cooker work its magic.  I used defrosted chicken so after the standard 20 minute poultry setting, my chicken was cooked thoroughly.

5. When the timer goes off (indicating the end of the cook time), release the pressure slowly and remove the lid.

Cooked Chicken

6. Remove the chicken and shred it.  You can shred it manually with a fork or toss it into a food processor.  I used my  food processor and shredded all of the chicken.

Shredded Chicken

7.  Press “cancel” on your Instant Pot to turn off the pressure cooker mode.  Leave the taco seasoned chicken broth in the pot and add the raw onions and green peppers.

Chicken Stock

Veggies in Chicken Stock

8.  Add the shredded chicken and the remaining half packet of taco seasoning.

Shredded Chicken in Instant Pot

Taco Chicken Meat

9. Stir until just combined.  Replace the Instant Pot lid and select “Slow Cooker” mode.  Choose how long you’d like it to slow cook.  I made the chicken in the early afternoon hours and we were eating this for dinner that same night.  I selected 4 hours on the slow cooker mode to keep it cooked and warm until dinnertime.

Fajita Chicken

10.  A few minutes before we were ready to eat, I drained the fajita mixture and placed it in a bowl.  We served the meat with typical taco fixins’ on the side (lettuce, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes) and also put out hard taco shells and soft tortilla shells.  The chicken was super tender and full of flavor.  Everyone loved it!  I will definitely be making this one again soon.

Instant Pot Fajita Chicken

This recipe is ZERO POINTS on the new WW Freestyle Program! Weight Watchers Smartpoints got a big makeover last year when WW unveiled their new Freestyle Program.  This new program makes it possible to spend fewer daily points on filling, protein-packed foods that will keep you feeling fuller longer.  Some of the previous Weight Watchers posts I have written include meals that are now zero points on the Freestyle Program. Learn more about the WW Freestyle Program.

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The Easiest Instant Pot Fajita Chicken

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