(Easiest EVER) Caramel Mocha Fall Party Mix

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Caramel Mocha Fall Party Mix

Whip up this Caramel Mocha Fall Party Mix in about 2 seconds and you’ll have an instant crowd pleaser on your hands!

Fall Party Mix

Nothing helps party prep go together like a super simple, fool proof snack mix.  Whenever I host a party, I always have a snack mix of some sort out with the appetizers.  I tend to change up the offering depending on what the occasion is and of course I love it when my food reflects the season.  This could mean seasonal colors or an ingredient that is iconic for that holiday.

So when it comes to fall, what’s more iconic than candy corn?  Perhaps salted caramel mocha flavored everything?  How about if we just combine the two things together?  Yes, that sounds fabulous.

If you have ever had a Daelman’s Stroopwafel, you already know what a tasty treat they are.  If you haven’t, well, you simply must try one.   Or three. Pictured below are Mini Stroopwafels which are a snack-sized version of the original larger Stroopwafel. The larger waffles are made for sitting on top of a piping hot cup of coffee.  The steam off the hot coffee warms up the sweet and creamy caramel filling and you get to enjoy a melty, savory, sweet treat along with your cup of coffee.  Outstanding!

Stroopwafels also happen to make a fantastic stand-alone snack, no coffee required.  For this snack mix, I tossed a bag of Mini Stroopwafels into a bowl and sprinkled plenty of candy corn on top.

Stroopwafel Candy Corn

Need an instant snacky hostess gift for your next fall event or party? Toss the mix in a mason jar!  It looks as good as it tastes!

Fall Mix Mason Jar

Stroopwafel Party Mix

If you’re up for a little more legwork, try out our salted caramel mocha pretzel party mix. If not, just round up some candy corn and Mini Stroopwafels and the work is done before it begins.

Happy Fall!


Caramel Mocha Fall Party Mix

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