Donut Seeds Printable Tag – Easy April Fools Prank

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Donut Seeds Printable Tag – Easy April Fools Prank

Here is a super easy April Foods prank suitable for all ages. Give a pack of “donut seeds” and use our donut seeds printable tags!

Donut Seeds Prank Idea

What does your April Fools’ Day typically look like?  Ours usually consists of an easy prank or two played on the kids and the kids trying desperately to trick mom and dad about a thousand different ways. No matter how your April 1st plays out, it can be fun to have an EASY joke on hand, just in case the mood strikes you.

My kids LOVE cheesy jokes.  They love plays on words and Lily is especially fond of riddles.  (Landon claims that he loves riddles, but he’s not quite old enough to understand the punchlines.  Give him another couple years and I’m sure he will be riddling with the best of them.).

I saw various versions of the “donut seeds” joke circulating online and decided to come up with my own donut seeds printable to use with my kids (and of course that means that I will share it with you).

Donut Seeds Materials

You most likely already have the supplies at home for this easy April Fools prank.  All you need:

Circle-shaped cereal (I used a generic brand of Cheerios.  You could use Cheerios, Froot Loops, etc.  Anything that resembles the shape of a donut!)
Snack Bag
Stapler or Tape
Donut Seeds Printable Tags

You can grab our printable bag tags right here. Simply enter your email address in the box and opt-in to receive our free newsletter.  Check your inbox for this printable, which you will receive as a subscriber bonus. 

Easy April Fools Prank

How to Put Donut Seed Packs Together

You are going to love this prep. Why?  Because there is no prep.

Print out our donut seed bag toppers and cut them out.  I recommend using white cardstock to make them a little sturdier than regular printer paper. Note: these printables are for personal use only.

Fill treat bags with cereal.

Fold bag toppers in half and staple or tape to treat bag.


Donut Seeds Cereal Prank

Now of course, you could take this prank to the next level by actual having your kids PLANT the seeds in the ground and have them find REAL DONUTS growing in that same spot later.  I, however, am keeping it super simple over here.  Donut Seeds = funny = successful April Fooling.


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