DIY VSCO Girl Elf on the Shelf + Printable Pack

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Um. Okay. Not sure what this VSCO girl thing is? Read on. Then see how our elf on the shelf turned herself into a legit VSCO girl. Use our free printables to help your elf do the same!


This VSCO Girl thing

So look.  I’m going to be straight up honest: up until about 2 weeks ago, I had no idea what “being a VSCO girl” meant.  I had to go to the Google and see what I could find. A few quick glances told me that VSCO (pronounced VIS-KO) is apparently a social media platform, more commonly used by girls than boys. VSCO is all about creating beautiful and aesthetically pleasing content (like Instagram, I suppose?) but it does not offer options for users to give negative feedback, so it’s a fairly positive platform. (This is how the tween/teen self-proclaimed VSCO girls in my neighborhood described the app to me.)

Along with any good, hot trend, there are certain guidelines one must follow and wardrobe is no exception.

The basic VSCO girl wardrobe is, at its very core, the SAME EXACT THING WE WORE IN THE EARLY 90s. (I mean, minus air pods and Hydro Flasks and such that weren’t invented back in the stone ages when we were teens.)

Sorry, VSCO girls, this trend is LITERALLY one wear YOU are turning into your MOTHER.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I’m going to stop laughing for a sec and share with you the following items. Just in case you’re curious.

VSCO Girl Must-Haves

There are more items, but this is a pretty solid basic list.

I get it – it’s just one more example of how cyclical everything is.  But it’s also my first experience being about 20 years too early for a raging trend.  Oh wells.

DIY VSCO Elf on the Shelf Tutorial

The other day I was working on holiday content and staging some of the new additions to our huge collection of Elf on the Shelf ideas. I had the idea to make a VSCO Girl Elf (you know – to inspire other elves to follow suit). As I gathered up the supplies for the uber-trendy elf (and raced to get it posted before it’s no longer trending), the idea for an easy printable pack came to mind.

Bob and I put our heads together and each designed the pieces that make up our printable pack.  I think it’s pretty awesome!

Use this printable pack and the directions below to help your elf transform into a VSCO girl.

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VSCO Elf on the Shelf Breakdown

Free Printable VSCO Girl Elf Props!

Get the printables: You can print our VSCO girl printable pack. I recommend printing this on white card stock to make the pieces a bit more sturdy. In a pinch, regular printer paper should work fine. (Note: these printables are FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.)

Putting together the pieces

Save the Turtles Poster print from our pack and hang up on the background of your choice with tape.

DIY Mini Hydro Flask – You are going to love this one!  My “Hydro Flask” is actually a tube of chapstick.


I used a black sharpie and colored the top half of the chapstick lid.

Then take the Hydro Flask cover from our printable pack and wrap it around the chapstick. Use clear tape to affix the wrap to the tube.

DIY Chapstick Hydroflask

Scrunchies – We had a pack of small scrunchies and hair elastics laying around.  I simply wrapped them around the elf’s wrist.

Tiny Shell Necklace – Lily had a bracelet that reminded me of a choker collar/shell necklace when it was on the elf.  This is a similar bracelet here.

Checkered Sneakers – I have to give Bob a serious solid here.  He designed this prototype and gave it to me to digitize.  I think the end result is pretty fantastic!  Find the pattern for two sneakers on our printable page.

Cut them out and be careful not to cut off the tabs – you will need them to assemble the shoes.

To assemble: start with the large long rectangle and tape the ends together (forms a rough oval shape). Fold down and tape the solid oval to the part you just taped (this is the bottom of the shoe).  Fold and tape the half oval to the top.


DIY Vans Checkered Sneakers

Oversized Tee – Don’t laugh too hard.  Guess where I got this shirt?  From the dollar store.   In the pet section.  LOL!  Yep – it’s actually a shirt for small dogs. You could also use doll clothing, for example these American Girl sized shirts would work.

Your Elf Will Be so Trendy!

Actually, two things could happen:

  1. Your elf might indeed be super cool, chic and trendy.
  2. This VSCO girl trend could die out by the end of next week and your elf will be a sad example of how quick trends can fizzle out.

Either way, hopefully it will give you a few laughs!

Elf Bundle of Fun Printables – put the elf on cruise control!

Need More Elf Printables?!  You MUST check out my brand new Elf Printables Bundle!!


DIY VSCO Girl Elf on the Shelf Printables

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