DIY Valentine’s Day Dessert Charcuterie Board

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Think charcuterie boards are just for meats and cheeses? Guess again! This festive red, white and pink Valentine’s Day themed dessert charcuterie board will be the hit of your holiday dessert table!

Valentine Dessert Charcuterie Board Building 7

Alright. First came the traditional cheese board, loaded with delicious cheeses, meats and nuts.  After that I tried my hand at a Christmas dessert charcuterie board and I am still drooling over the gorgeous end result.

So as I set my sights towards February and all things lovey dovey and red and pink, it occurred to me that Valentine’s Day is another holiday in need of a totally festive dessert grazing board. Think about it – how many sweet treats are available around Valentine’s Day? SO VERY MANY!

Pick a Color Scheme

I highly recommend picking a color scheme for your dessert board.  As you can tell, I focused on red, white and pink for my board.

For a splash of color (and because they are so iconic to Valentine’s Day), I also included Conversation Hearts.

You can use any large serving platter or wooden board to make this dessert spread.

Valentine Dessert Board 1

Aim for 8-12 Different Treats

For a nice variety of treats, I recommend choosing around 8-12 different treats to put on your dessert board. The variety really gives your board some eye-appeal and makes the various foods pop!

For this Valentine’s Dessert Charcuterie Board, I used: 

Valentine Dessert Board 3

Choose Your Board

There is no limit to the shape or size board or tray you can use. We used a wooden board that measures approximately 20 by 40 inches (the actually food surface area is a little smaller than that). You could use a board like ours or even a cutting board would work great.

Here are some options you might be interested in:

Creative Co-op Round Decorative Iron Tray with Handles

Large Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

Large Round Charcuterie Cheese Board

Acacia Wood Cutting Board Set

Bracey Faux Real Wood Handled Serving Tray

Bracey Faux Real Wood Handled Serving Tray

Bishopston Serving Tray

wooden charcuterie board

Sylmar Wooden Bark Ottoman Tray

Sylmar Wooden Bark Ottoman Tray

Donna Rectangular Wooden Serving Tray

Donna Rectangular Wooden Serving Tray

Patrina Wash Wavy Wood Accent Tray

Patrina Wash Wavy Wood Accent Tray

How to Arrange the Treats

The trick to making a really awesome looking dessert charcuterie board is to arrange your items in small groups all over the board. For this dessert version, I tried to make things fairly symmetrical looking. (Though don’t be afraid to make some shifts and changes towards the end to get a snug fit.)

I started with 2 bowls towards the center of the board. The bowls were red with pink and white stripes and matched perfectly with the food items. One bowl was filled with Hershey’s Kisses and the other with popcorn mix.  They made the perfect center focal points!

Valentine Dessert Charcuterie Board Building 1

Next I began to fill the the corners. I put some M&Ms in a silicone cupcake liner (those liners make great little candy holders for dessert boards).  In the opposite corner, I started with 2 Snoballs. You will see that by the end, I decided to add a 3rd Snoball.  I liked the stacked look for those treats!

Valentine Dessert Charcuterie Board Building 2

The sandwich cookies looked great in a straight line on the right side of the wooden tray. In the lower left corner, I added a big handful of Twizzlers. You can see how the board is really starting to take shape with the design at this point.

From here, it’s a matter of adding in the other treats, kind of like a puzzle!

Valentine Dessert Charcuterie Board Building 3

I used a 2nd silicone cupcake liner for the Conversation Hearts. They added the perfect splash of rainbow color to the bottom of the board.

Cupcakes and sugar cookies went mostly around the outside!

Valentine Dessert Charcuterie Board Building 5

Two frosted cookies were added to a space on the lower right side, which actually ended up being 3 cookies before all was said and done.

Pink strawberry sugar wafers went right in the middle.

Valentine Dessert Charcuterie Board Building 6

The final pieces that went on my dessert board were the mini powdered donuts! They looked excellent next to all of the pink and red snacks.

Valentine Dessert Charcuterie Board Building 8

Valentine Dessert Board 2

Valentine Dessert Board 4

Whatever theme and color scheme you decide to go with, your dessert board will look awesome! I actually had a lot of fun putting this one together, and it was even MORE fun to see my family’s reaction when they came home and found it on the counter!

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