DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Craft + Printable Template

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Every year, it seems that Christmas sweaters become more popular. You might call them ugly or you might call them festive, but one thing can’t be denied: they are FUN! Check out this ugly Christmas Sweater DIY craft idea that we used for Landon’s class party last year!

DIY Ugly Sweater Craft HERO

When Landon was in Kindergarten, I volunteered to be the co-homeroom parent. Basically, that just means that a fellow mom friend (and class parent) and I were tasked with thinking of some cute and easy games and crafts for various holiday parties throughout the year. As the Christmas break rolled closer, we took to the internet to look for class party inspiration. One theme that of course pops up over and over again when you search for holiday party ideas are those ugly Christmas sweaters!

We put together a craft that allowed for some messy fun – and no one project looked like the other! Now, we actually called this craft the “Holiday Sweater Craft,” because we made the mistake of referring to them as “ugly” sweaters and the Kindergarteners were horrified. “They aren’t ugly! They are PRETTY! So sparkly! I LOVE CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!”  You get the idea. LOL So you might not want to use the word ugly, as beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder.


On to the craft! I am excited to add this DIY to our huge collection of Christmas content!

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Craft Supplies

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DIY Ugly Sweater Craft Supplies

How to Set Up This Craft

You can really set this one up as a group activity or as an individual activity. We set it up as a small group activity and 4-5 kids worked on the craft at a time.

Place all of the supplies for decorating on a plate or in easy-access containers. We used food prep containers that have small compartments to hold the different craft supplies!

DIY Ugly Sweater Craft Time

Each crafter can choose a sweater and write their name on the back before decorating.

We made up a couple of “sample” sweaters for the kids to see what a possible design might look like. From there, we let them have free rein over the design process!

DIY Ugly Sweater Craft Time Kids 2

DIY Ugly Sweater Craft Supplies Close Up

After the kids have finished decorating their sweaters, set the sweaters aside to dry. Depending on how much glue they did or didn’t use, these might take a couple of hours to dry!

Landon’s friends had so much fun making these crafts.

Grab our template or design your own and see what cool looking “ugly” sweater crafts your kids create!


DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Craft PIN

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