DIY Turkey Snack Bags

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Look no further for the perfect kid-friendly Thanksgiving activity (and snack!). Follow the (very easy) directions below to make your own turkey snack bags.

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Why Turkey Snack Bags?

Not only are these adorable gobblers a creative way to serve up snacks, but they are also nut-free, making them a fantastic option for school parties or any gathering where allergies are a concern. They’re so easy to make, even the kids can join in on the fun!

Supplies You’ll Need:

Turkey Treat Bags Supplies

Step-by-Step Guide to Turkey-rific Treat Bags:

1. Filling the Feathers: Begin by filling each finger of your clear plastic glove with goldfish crackers. These will be the vibrant feathers of your turkey, adding a pop of color and a tasty crunch!

Turkey Treat Bags Goldfish Fingers

2. Creating the Face: In the thumb part of the glove, place a single candy eye and a piece of candy corn. The eye will bring your turkey to life, while the candy corn will serve as its cute little beak. You can place the candy corn inside the thumb OR you can simply lay it underneath the thumb. Your choice! (See below for an example of laying the bag on the candy corn beak.)

Candy eye on thumb

3. Stuffing the Turkey: Next, fill the main part of the glove with popped popcorn. This will give your turkey a full, round body.

4. Tying it All Together: Once filled, gather the open end of the glove and secure it with a colorful pipe cleaner. This will seal the bag together and add a little more color to the treats!

Turkey Treat Bags HERO

Where to Display Your Turkey Treats:

  • At the Kids’ Table: These turkey bags will be a hit at the kids’ table, keeping little hands busy and giving them something to snack on before the big meal.
  • Party Favors: Send your guests home with a cute turkey treat bag!
  • Festive Place Settings: Use these snack bags as part of your table setting. Consider adding a small paper tag to each turkey treat bag with a guest’s name on it.
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A Craft with a Purpose

Crafting these turkey snack bags isn’t just a fun activity; it’s a way to engage with your children about the meaning of Thanksgiving. As you build your turkeys, talk about what each of you is thankful for.

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