DIY Scrunchie | Simple Sewing Project for Kids

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Some fads never seem to fade.  And one of those fads just happens to be a fashion icon: the scrunchie.  Use this DIY scrunchie tutorial for a simple sewing project for kids!  Not only will your kiddo have a cool new scrunchie, it will be one she made herself!  That’s extra cool!

This VSCO Girl Thing

With the popular resurgence of the scrunchie thanks to VSCO girls, you can find these hair ties everywhere again. But how much more fun is it for the beginning sewer to make her own? Not only is this a great beginner sewing project that is very forgiving, but the sewer can customize colors and patterns, as well as changing up the size. Even if you are a beginner yourself this is a great project to practice a simple straight stitch with your child.

DIY Scrunchie Materials

DIY Scrunchie Materials

Simple Sewing Project for Kids: DIY Scrunchie

Like I said above, this project is relatively simple, even for the beginner crowd!  Follow our step-by-step tutorial and have fun making your own Scrunchies!

1. Cut strips of fabric to 18” by 4” lengths. If you use fat quarters from Walmart, they have a great selection of colors and patterns, AND they are already 18” in length.

Cut fabric

2. Fold the fabric strips longways with the wrong sides together. Show your child how to thread a needle with a double length of thread and knot the end.

3. Start at one end and demonstrate for them how to sew a simple straight stitch, in and out, making them as even as possible. If they are not perfect it will really not show in the finished project, as you can see most of my daughter’s stitches are uneven.

Straight Stitches in fabric

4. Continue sewing all the way to the end. Turn the tube of fabric inside out so that the print is now facing out.

Straight Stitches in fabric

5. Cut elastic into 8.5” lengths. Attach a safety pin to one end of your elastic and work it through the tube by pushing and pulling the safety to the end.

Straight Stitches in fabric

6. Tie each end of the elastic together into a tight knot.

tied elastics

7. Slide one end of the now gathered up fabric tube over the other and fold the ends in ⅛” to ¼”. Sew the ends together making an invisible seam all the way around by sewing inside the two ends folded together. Snip off excess threads.

Stitching Scrunchie

How cool is that?  And seriously simple, too!  No sewing machine required and after a little bit of practice, your kiddos can be pumping out the homemade scrunchies.  This is a really fun project and also gives kids the ability to really customize their scrunchies by using different patterns!

DIY homemade scrunchie

Give this one a try and tell me how it goes!

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DIY Scrunchies!

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