DIY Pool Noodle Shark Dollar Store Craft

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Whether or not you look forward to Shark Week every year, one thing is for certain: these DIY pool noodle shark crafts are adorable! You can make them using dollar store supplies.  This is the perfect summertime craft.

Pool Noodle Sharks Craft

Every year at the end of July, things turn… sharky.  It seems that everywhere one looks, there are sharks.  Sharks on tv, sharks on baked goods, etc.  This is of course all thanks to the annual week of Shark-themed programming on Discovery Channel, aptly called Shark Week.

You can pick up the craft supplies for these fun pool noodle sharks at the dollar store. They would make a great craft for summer camp, birthday parties and more. These sharks are sure to encourage lots of creative and imaginative play for kids! They would also double as adorable party decorations for any shark themed parties, showers, etc that you might be hosting.

Our local dollar stores typically carry pool noodles from early Spring through about mid-summer so it’s best to plan ahead and buy some for this craft sooner than later. Once they sell out for the summer season, pool noodles can be tricky to locate until the following year.

Pool Noodle Shark Dollar Store Craft Supplies

To make these shark crafts, you will need:

Pool Noodle (any color will work, though blue will give you a “traditional” shark look)
Pack of Googly Eyes
Piece of scrap cardboard
White Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Knife (with serrated blade)
Low Temp Glue Gun with Glue Sticks

How to Make Pool Noodle Shark Crafts

Best to let an adult handle the cutting portion of this craft if you are making them with young kids:

1. Cut the pool noodle into 4″ and 6″ segments using the serrated kitchen knife.

2. Cut the top of the section off at an angle and set the cut piece aside (it will be used later for the dorsal fin).

Cutting Pool Noodle

3. Make the bottom of the shark’s mouth by slicing a horizontal cut approx 2/3 of the way through the noodle.

4. For the top of the shark’s mouth, mimic the diagonal cut that you made at the top of the pool noodle.

Pool Noodle Shark Mouth

5. Cut off a 1” wide by 2” long sliver from the back of the shark’s body.

Slicing Pool Noodles

6. Use scissors to cut the narrow base from the dorsal fin.

Scissors trim shark pool noodle

7. Attach the dorsal fin to the back of the shark’s body with a glue gun. (Be sure to use a LOW TEMPERATURE glue gun – high temp glue guns will melt the pool noodle!) Hold in place until glue cools.

glue gun pool noodle shark

At this point you can involve the kiddos.  You can use Tacky Craft Glue for the eyes if you don’t want them using the glue gun (or just glue the eyes for them with the glue gun).

8. Glue one googly eye to either side of shark head, just above the jaw.

Googly Eyes Pool Noodles

9. Paint a scrap piece of cardboard with white acrylic craft paint on both sides. Let dry completely. (This is something the kids could be working on while the adult is cutting the pool noodle in the first few steps.)

White acrylic paint

10. For the shark’s teeth: measure and cut 1” strips of cardboard. Then cut the strips into ½” rectangles. Cut all four corners off each rectangle creating diamond shapes.

White cardboard

11. Insert shark’s teeth into the top and bottom of the shark’s mouth. Use the tip of an open pair of scissors to make a slit in the pool noodle foam if you have any difficulty inserting the shark’s teeth.

shark craft dollar store

Pool Noodle Sharks

Aren’t they fabulous looking?  Happy Shark Week!!

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DIY Pool Noodle Sharks

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