DIY Pool Noodle Monsters Dollar Store Craft

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If you thought that pool noodles were just for fun in the pool, think again.  Your kids will LOVE this DIY Pool Noodle Monsters Dollar Store Craft!  All of the supplies are available at the dollar store!

Pool Noodle Monsters DIY Craft

Aren’t these guys and gals just the CUTEST!? Not only are pool noodle monsters cute and easy to make, they add some fun and colorful decor to your house (perfect for the playroom, kids’ bedrooms, etc). Pool noodles can be found in many stores during the spring and summer months in a wide array of colors and thicknesses. We always pick up a couple of new noodles every summer for the pool.

Did you know that pool noodles can also work great for DIY crafts? I have seen people make neat wreaths, seasonal decor and more with these colorful tubes. You can gather up a bunch of dollar store supplies for these silly pool noodle monsters. This craft depicts a hot glue gun but you could use tacky craft glue instead if you prefer.  Tacky glue simply requires a longer drying time (and can be found at the dollar store).

Pick up a few pool noodles the next time you see them at the store and have them on hand for the next time when your kids are “SO BOOOOOOOOOOORED” and you just can’t stand to let them have any more screen time. Use the next boredom flare-up or rainy day to challenge the kids’ creativity and imagination as they design these colorful and zany friends!

Pool Noodle Monsters Supplies

Pool Noodle Monster Art Supplies

How to Make Pool Noodle Monsters

1. An adult should use the serrated knife to cut the pool noodles into 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch segments for the monster bodies.

Trimmed Pool Noodle

2. Use glue to affix googly eyes in an array of patterns and positions on each pool noodle.

Glue Gun Googly Eyes

3. Cut and bend the pipe cleaners into a variety of shapes (curls, bends, etc) and stick them in the pool noodle segments to create arms, legs, antenna. Stick the pipe cleaners into the noodles and/or glue them on the noodles.

Pipe Cleaners on Pool Noodles

4. Glue pom poms all over the pool noodles to make mouths, ears, eyes, antenna toppers, and more.  Be creative!

DIY Pool Noodle Monsters Glue

Name the monsters and set them up to play or display!

DIY Pool Noodle Monster Craft

Have you ever made crafts using pool noodles?  I would love to hear what you have made!


DIY Pool Noodle Monsters kid craft

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