DIY Peeps Paintings Easter Craft for Kids

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DIY Peeps Paintings

Peeps aren’t just for eating! In fact, maybe you don’t like the taste of Peeps.  If so, this is a perfect craft for you – no eating involved!  Check out these adorable DIY Peeps Paintings and make your own for some cute and easy Easter decor.

Peeps Paintings by Kids

Peeps aren’t just for eating anymore! (That might come as welcome news to those of you who do not enjoy these sugar-clad marshmallow treats!) This activity is so easy and the end results are ADORABLE. This craft is perfect for the preschool crowd and would make a really sweet Easter card for parents. For this project, the Peeps are used as a stamper to create paint images of Peeps on your canvas.

Peeps Painting Supplies

Acrylic Paints
Peeps (bunny)
Blank Canvases (I got these at the dollar store!)
Black Sharpie Marker

Peeps Painting Supplies

Steps for Making Peeps Paintings

1. Choose the paint colors you would like to use and squirt a small amount of each color on a paper plate (or whatever you use for a paint palette).

Acrylic Paint Spring Colors

2. Use a different Peep for each paint color.  Dip the back of a Peep into the color you want to paint and stamp the peep firmly on the canvas.  Repeat with same or different colors as desired!

Painting with Peeps

Peeps Painting Tray

Peeps Stamp Painting

3. When you have completed your Peeps paint stamps, set your canvas(es) aside to dry.

Peeps Wet Paint

4. After the paint has dried completely, use the black Sharpie marker to make the Peep’s eyes and nose (three small black dots). I let the kids write their name plus the word “Peeps” at the top of their pictures. I love kids’ handwriting and thought that this was the perfect sweet finishing touch to these pictures!

Finished Peeps Paintings

Display this fun, colorful Easter decor around your house or give as gifts to the grandparents, etc. If you don’t have canvases to paint on, you can use white card stock. This design would also look awesome on handmade Easter cards.

Have fun with it and see what your kids come up with!

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DIY Peeps Paintings

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