How to Make a DIY LEGO Zipline for Your Elf

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DIY LEGO Zipline for Your Elf

This year our elf upped his zipline game with a fully-functional LEGO zipline!  See the pieces he used below in case your elf wants a zipline of his or her own.

diy LEGO zipline

Oboe is a big fan of ziplines.  You have probably seen his many photos from the last decade (if not, check out our huge collection of elf ideas).  Several of those pictures feature him on some sort of zipline or catwalk across a room in our house.  This year, however, he totally upped his zipline game.  Last week we found him careening across our kitchen on a fully functional zipline constructed entirely out of LEGO bricks!! The “sail” hanging below him was purely to give the kids something other than the elf to pull on to make him move across the kitchen. It gave his zipline a parasail-type look and the kids thought it was hilarious.

Another idea might be to tie a string around the elf and the kids could then pull on the string to move him up and down the zipline. Your elf only needs a few LEGO pieces and some sturdy-but-thin string to recreate the same type of zipline.

Here are the pieces that Oboe used for his zipline:

Zipline lego pieces

DIY Elf Zipline

Assemble the pieces and then decide how your elf will attach to the zipline. Oboe used couple paper clips twisted together (with one of the clips going through his hands) to hang on to our zipline.

Tie your string between two high points in a room of your choosing (don’t tie it to anything that can be easily pulled over).  Have fun!

Zipline lego pieces

Elf on Parasail Zipline

Here’s a video of our DIY Lego Zipline in action:


How to Make a DIY LEGO Zipline

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Make a DIY LEGO zipline for your elf!!

diy LEGO zipline

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