DIY Ice Hockey Gear Drying Rack

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If you have walked through my mud room in the last year, you might have had a bit of a jump scare thinking that a stranger (or possibly a scarecrow) was hanging out in the corner. But no, it’s neither. It is actually a DIY ice hockey gear drying rack that Bob put together for Landon’s hockey stuff. We were having a tough time figuring out where to put his sweaty gear after a hockey game or practice, and needed a solution so that it could air out before the next ice slot. After seeing a couple versions made from PVC pipes on the interwebs, he set out to make his own.

Ice Hockey Gear Drying Rack HERO

If you’re a hockey parent, you know all too well about the battle against damp, smelly hockey gear. It truly IS a struggle! Well, I’ve got some fantastic news for you – not only has Bob built a great solution, but I got him to write the plans down so it can be replicated for your own use!

This DIY Hockey Equipment Drying Rack is pretty easy to build, won’t break the bank in material cost, and it sure is effective. Perfect for airing out all that gear post-game or practice, this rack is a game-changer for any hockey player’s arsenal. Plus, it’s portable, making it your best companion for those out-of-town tournaments. We disassemble the rack into smaller sections and toss it in the car for tournament weekends. Then we rebuilt it in our hotel room and his gear gets a chance to dry off in between games.

Hockey Rack in Hotel Room without Gear
Hockey Rack in Hotel Room with Gear

One time we even set up a modified version of the rack (shorter than normal) in the back of our car while we tailgated with our team for the day.

Hockey Rack in car with Gear

Why You Need This Rack

  • Fast Drying: Say goodbye to opening the hockey gear bag days after the game to find wet, smelly gear inside. This rack ensures everything airs out efficiently.
  • Organized & Accessible: No more gear sprawled across the floor or hanging from your doors. Everything has its place.
  • Portable: Easily disassembled, it fits in most cars for those hockey adventures away from home.
  • Customizable: Adjust the size and layout as your young athlete grows or your gear changes.
Top half hockey rack

What You’ll Need

  • PVC Pipe (1 ½” diameter): 20 feet should do it (typically sold in 10′ lengths)
  • Caps: 9 (1 ½”) PVC caps to cover the ends
  • Elbows: 2 pieces of 1 ½” PVC 90-degree elbows
  • Cross Fittings: 2 pieces
  • T Fittings: 4 pieces
Hockey Rack PVC Pieces

Pipe Cuts:

  • 1 piece at 24”
  • 1 piece at 18”
  • 2 pieces at 12”
  • 4 pieces at 9”
  • 7 pieces at 7”
Hockey Rack PVC Pieces
Hockey Drying Rack

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Lay out your materials: Before diving in, ensure all your fittings match your PVC pipe size. It’s easy to grab the wrong size, so double-check!
  2. Cutting Time: Based on the list above, cut your PVC pipe into the specified lengths.
  3. Start Assembling: Begin with the base, using the 90-degree elbows to create a sturdy foundation. Work your way up, fitting the pieces together to form a “figure.”
  4. Drill Air Holes: For an added drying boost, drill ¼” holes in the pipes under where the gear will hang. This step is optional but recommended if you plan to use an air pump.
  5. Optional Air Pump: Consider attaching an air pump to the lower cross fitting. This will circulate air through the equipment for even faster drying. Just remember, no heat! A cool blow dryer or a specific air pump like this Electric Air Pump will work wonders without damaging the PVC.
  6. Optional Door Stops: We added door stops (YES, door stops!) for a place to hang his pants and shell. They aren’t the sturdiest, but seem to get the job done.
Bottom half hockey rack

Tips for Success

  • No Heat: PVC doesn’t play well with heat. Keep it cool to maintain the integrity of your rack.
  • No Glue Needed: We skipped the glue to allow for easy adjustments. It’s all about flexibility and finding what works best for you.
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once: This old adage applies here too. Ensure your cuts are precise for a perfect fit.
  • Jersey Hanger: If you want to hang hockey jerseys on the drying rack, drill a hold on each “arm” section and stick one hanger in each hole.
    Jerseys on rack
  • Ridiculous Face Fun: Snap a picture of your hockey player and print it out on a piece of cardstock. Tape the picture to the “head” part of the rack, so that it is visible when the helmet is placed on top. This made me laugh every time I walked past!

More Ideas for Getting the Funk out of Hockey Gear

Airing out hockey gear will go a LONG way to cut down on the stink. However, there is still a pretty foul smell that seems to permeate the material no matter how diligent you are in airing it out.

We love these two products for cutting down on smelly gear:

You can also try a hockey gear bathtub soak. We do this once every 6 months or so.

Wrapping Up

This DIY Hockey Equipment Drying Rack is more than just a convenience—it’s a game-changer for the busy hockey family. It keeps gear organized, speeds up drying times, and travels easily. Plus, it’s a fun weekend project (maybe for the off season? LOL) that offers practical benefits long after it is assembled.

Whether you’re at home or on the road, this drying rack ensures your player’s gear is ready to go when they are. Say goodbye to damp, smelly equipment and hello to a more organized, fresher hockey life. Let’s make those early morning practices a bit more bearable, shall we?

Glove top hockey drying rack

Let us know if you decide to give this project a try! Tell us how it turned out for you!


face on hockey rack

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