DIY Home Spa Day Printable Planner

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Day Craving a spa day but that’s just not in the cards? Why not have a spa-at-home day? Check out our free DIY Spa Day printable planner and have some fun with it! Perfect for a day of pampering at home! 

diy spa day planner

I’m sure I speak for many when I say: I could really use a spa day right about now. A “spa visit” probably has different meanings for many of us. It could mean a massage or facial… maybe a soak in a tub… maybe even a salt float. At the very root of it all, a spa day is usually about self-care and relaxation. These spa experiences are ways to de-stress and carve out a little time to recharge.

Can’t Get to the Spa?

Whether it’s having the time or having the money or simply the fact that facilities aren’t open, there are some great ways to have your own DIY spa day at home. (Want to really go the extra mile? Don’t forget to buy yourself a nice plush spa robe!)

We have a great printable that you can use as a guide to plan your day!

DIY Spa Day Highlights

Our planner includes ideas and recipes for the following:

  • Setting the mood
  • Pampering ideas for: feet, hands, hair, body and face
  • Body Scrub Recipe
  • Face Mask Recipe
  • Hair Mask Recipe
  • Spa Playlist

Get the DIY Spa Day at Home Printable

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More DIY pampering products

I have a bunch of other DIY bath and body products that you can make at home! You could make some of them up on craft day for your next home spa day.

Take a look:

Unicorn Rainbow Bath Bombs Metal Tub

Let me know what your favorite at-home spa treatments are! 


Spa Day Printable PIN

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