DIY Frugal Campfire Fire Starter Camping Hack

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Campfire Starter

So.  Rewind a couple years (okay about 15).  Bob and I were just two young starry eyed kids, starting out on some of our very first camping trips together.  And can I just tell you this: he SUCKED at starting a campfire.  It took him FOREVER to get a fire to catch and we used to tease him that he probably had trouble lighting fires because as a firefighter he spent so much time trying to put them out.

Over the years and after much practice, the man can now build a pretty impressive campfire.  This year we discovered a camping hack that helps to get our fires started even faster!  It’s so easy and the chances are good that you already have the required materials around your house.  All you need to make these firestarters are LINT from your dryer and an EMPTY TOILET PAPER TUBE.

I have a jar sitting on the dryer and after each load of laundry, I pull the lint from the trap and stick it in the jar.

Dryer Lint

Lint in Jar

Once you collect lint from a few loads of laundry, lightly pack it into an empty toilet paper tube.  I store our lint-filled tubes in a freezer bag, ready to be packed for the next camping trip.

Toilet Paper Roll

Lint in Toilet Paper Tube

Lint Firestarters

You only need one of these to get a campfire going! Simply stick the tube underneath your wood (standing vertical seems to work the best).  Light the lint on fire and you’re in business!



camping hack

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