DIY Footprint Ghost Towels | Easy Halloween Craft

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DIY Footprint Ghost Towels

You probably know by now that I am a complete sucker for anything with my kids’ precious handprints or footprints on them.  I am incapable of throwing out any school project that comes home with their small prints on them and they are always among my favorite gifts to receive.  Last week I picked up some flour sack towels at Walmart, along with some black fabric paint, in the hopes of creating a cute craft that doubled as Halloween decor in our home.  Today before the kids headed off to their respective schools, I had a chance to trace their footprints and incorporate them into my next project!  Check out these adorable DIY Footprint Ghost Towels!

DIY Footprint Ghost Towels

Material needed for DIY Footprint Ghost Towels:

Flour sack towel (or any other white dishtowel should work fine)
Black puffy paint (regular fabric paint would work too – you would just need to use a paintbrush instead of squeezing it onto the towel like I did)

Mainstays flour sack tea towels

Black Puffy Paint

How to make DIY Footprint Ghost Towels:

1. Trace your child’s foot on a piece of white card stock.

Lilys foot

2. Cut out footprint(s) and set aside.  These pieces of cardstock will be used to trace their footprint(s) onto your towel.

foot cutout

3. Lay out your towel and use a pencil to lightly trace the footprint shape onto the towel.  Add small ovals for eyes and 1 slightly larger oval for the mouth.

Tracing Ghosts

Ghost Mouth

4. Trace the pencil lines with your puffy paint.

ghost paint

5. Lay flat until completely dried.  Then display your adorable new towel! These cute towels would also make a sweet gift for doting grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc. You could make separate towels for each kid or mix them together like I did.

DIY Footprint Ghost Towel

Here’s a look at the project from start to finish!


DIY Footprint Ghost Towels

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