DIY “Elf Kisses” Ornaments (Great for gifts or Elf on the Shelf!)

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Hersheys Kisses Christmas Ornament

Every year my mom would anxiously await the arrival of holiday foil wrapped Hershey’s Kisses. (I’m guessing when I was a kid they didn’t appear in stores until maybe October. Nowadays you can probably get them in July when the stores start putting out Christmas stuff!) She would buy a bag or two and fill up this big clear glass bowl (that I’m now wondering if we still have somewhere).  The bowl of green, red and silver Kisses was just as much a tradition in our home as our tree (always a live Douglas Fir).

This year I picked up some clear plastic ornaments at Michael’s.  They had a large hole in the back and looked perfect for stuffing with something festive.  I had no idea what I would do with these ornaments until last night!

We grabbed a big bag of Hershey’s miniature chocolates at BJ’s last week and I dove into the bag last night in search of the Kisses.  This project is so easy and the end result is so cute.  It would make a fun gift idea or work great with your Elf on the Shelf.

You will need: a clear plastic ornament (with an opening large enough to fit the candies, twine, a tag, a marker and of course, some Hershey’s Kisses.


To make: Stuff the ornament with Hershey’s Kisses.  If you use this same ornament, you’ll need to stuff some tissue paper or bubble wrap behind the kisses so they don’t tumble out.

Wrap some colorful twine around the top of the ornament and tie a small tag labeled “Elf Kisses” on it.

That’s it!

Elf on Shelf Hersheys Kisses Ornament

Elf on the Shelf with Hershey Kisses



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