DIY Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Solo Cup Hat Craft

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Dr Seuss books are always a popular pick for many school literacy themes! Check out this adorable DIY Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Solo Cup Hat craft idea that you can make with kids!

Cat in the Hat Solo Cup Party Hat 1

Dr Seuss Day is held annually on March 2nd.

Traditionally on this day, many schools across the country celebrate author Dr Seuss (whose birthday was on March 2nd).  From dress up days that coincide with Dr Seuss book themes to fun Dr Seuss snacks and crafts, this is usually a pretty big deal in many elementary schools! (You might also be familiar with Read Across America Week, which takes place in during the same week.)

My kids always have a myriad of different Dr Seuss themed activities going on in their school, especially during late February/early March. Have you checked out the Dr Seuss Book Club deal? I have always loved that one for baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, etc.


Cat in the Hat Themed Craft Idea

Dr Seuss books have created some pretty iconic symbols that most people associate with their stories. One of, if not the, most iconic symbol is the big, billowy red and white striped hat that the main character (a cat) wears in the book Cat in the HatIt’s definitely a unique sort of top hat!

Check out this super easy, kid-friendly Cat in the Hat hat costume tutorial. Use a red party cup and a small paper plate to create a pint-sized version of the Cat’s hat. This craft would be perfect for your kids or students to make in celebration of Dr Seuss Week. (And of course, even more fun to wear it while reading Cat in the Hat or any other Seuss book!)

Supplies for Solo Cup Cat in the Hat Hat

cat in hat hat supplies

How to Make these Dr Seuss Hats!

These hats are super easy to make! Younger kids will most likely need help with the tracing, cutting, and elastic tying. Older elementary school aged kids should be able to make the craft mostly independently.

1. Trace the open end of the party cup on the center of the top side of the plate.

cat in hat circle plate

2. Cut the circle out and make the cut circle a little bit smaller than the line you traced.  This will give the plate opening a slight lip that will catch the cup and help to secure it in place.

3. Punch a hole on either side of the cut circle for the elastic cording. This will be a good fit for most younger children. For older children, punch the holes closer to the outer rim of the plate. Tie a piece of elastic cording to each of the two holes.

Cat in the Hat Hat Elastic

4. Wrap each red cup with two lines of the white masking tape to give the cup its stripes.

Cat in the Hat Solo Cup with Tape

5. Place the plate over the cup.

cat in hat solo cup in plate

6. Secure the cup in place with a couple of pieces of the masking tape.

Cat in the Hat Tape cup to plate

That’s it!

The end result is adorable and perfectly suited for your Dr Seuss themed celebrations and adventures!

Have the kids wear their hats during a reading of Cat in the Hat! (And if you’re having a real Dr. Seuss marathon, throw in another book or three. Green Eggs and HamHorton Hears a Who, and 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish are my personal faves!

Dr Seuss Cat in Hat Solo Cup Craft

Prep Ahead of Time if Needed

If you are crunched for time, you can make these up for your class ahead of time. Or if you have some time but not a lot, you can prep parts of the craft to save time, for example have the plates already cut and hole punched. It’s up to you!

Let me know if you end up making these white-striped Dr Seuss hats! Tag me on social media if you post a picture – I would love to see them!

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