DIY Disney Cruise Tervis Tumblers

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Disney Cruise Tervis Tumblers

You can make your own tumblers to take on your next Disney Cruise!! It’s surprisingly easy and they are super convenient for carrying hot or cold drinks around the ship.

Disney Cruise Tervis Tumblers

Years ago, just after I booked our first Disney Cruise, I dove headfirst into blog posts and online forums to learn everything I could about DCL “culture” and see what people loved about the ships, activities, etc.  Time after time after time, I would come across a post in which a seasoned Disney Cruiser expressed some sort of excitement about Tervis Tumblers.  I have owned a couple Tervis Tumblers, nice cups, nothing super special?  But as I dug deeper I learned that Disney Cruise Ships always stock their shops with seasonal Tervis Tumblers… and Disney Cruise diehards go NUTS over them!  I found forum posts dedicated to passionate discussions regarding new designs on Tervis Tumblers in the Castaway Cay gift shop, new tumblers for the NYC  sailings and the list goes on and on.  It was obvious that the Tervis Tumblers had a cult following and people loved to collect them.  They also really liked using them on the ship during their vacation.  (Remember that unlimited soft drinks and coffee are included in your Disney Cruise fare.)  The tumblers are sturdy, insulated and have secure lids which made them perfect for toting around your beverage of choice as you roam the ship.


Back to the Tervis thing.

I thought it was really funny.  So did Bob.  Every time we would find Tervis Tumblers in a store or see mention of them online we’d look at each other and in unison (and in a sing-song-like voice) chime, “TERVIS!” to each other.

It turns out, they are pretty nice cups.  We now have a small collection of them, one being from, yes, our last Disney Cruise.  LOL  Now before that cruise, I decided that I wanted to make (decorate) cups for us to bring with us.  I found these Tervis 24 oz. Clear Water Bottles which I had no doubt would be PERFECT for holding any beverage (cold OR hot) that we saw fit to enjoy on our trip.  I WAS RIGHT!!  These cups rock!

They arrived and were basically begging me to decorate them with vinyl.  So here’s what I did: I cut out the DCL logo and our names in vinyl on my Silhouette Cameo.

I affixed them to my cup and that was it!  Into the luggage they went!  They were perfect for our vacation and I still use mine all the time. (It probably also goes without saying that I LOOKED SUPER COOL having a mini photo shoot with my CUPS on the beach at Castaway Cay. HA!!)

Disney Cruise Castaway Cay Tervis

Disney Cruise Tervis Tumbler


How to Make Disney Cruise Tervis Tumblers

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