DIY Digger Box – Sand Play for Kids

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DIY Digger Box Tutorial

DIY Digger Box

Have a sand loving kid?  How about a digger loving kid?  Perhaps a kid who loves to be kept busy and a little sensory thrown in for kicks never hurts?  Read on, friend!

Ever since Landon’s birthday last year, I have been hanging on to some extra construction digger toys.  Our plan was to make him a construction themed cake and Bob and I picked up the exact same vehicles to stick on top.  Of course, I never got around to returning the extra set but figured they would come in handy for something or other because our boy LOVES dump trucks and excavators (and every piece of machinery in between)!

DIY Construction Vehicle Cake

Okay, back to those extra toys.

It was a typical winter day when we were stuck inside and Landon did not have school.  Once the Legos, batallion of firetrucks and Netflix all lost their luster, we needed a boredom buster.  I’m pretty psyched about how cool this one turned out – to say that it was an instant crowd-pleaser is an understatement!

To make your own DIY Digger Box, here’s what you need:

  • Some sort of Rubbermaid-type tote.  Get a shallow one to allow for easy vehicle reach and movement.  Chances are, you probably have something that will work somewhere around the house.  Even a dish pan would work.  I used a Sterilite 28 Quart Underbed Box from Walmart.
  • Sand (We used, and I highly recommend, Kinetic Sand or Kinetic Dirt.  It clumps perfectly and I find it to make less of a mess than traditional sand.)
  • Small Construction Vehicles (or any other vehicles you have or want to buy)

CAT Toys and Kinetic Sand

Setting up this box is pretty self-explanatory and takes all of 30 seconds.  Dump the sand in the container, then toss in some vehicles.  Call your kiddo in to see what awesomeness you have created and enjoy the hours and hours of play!  This activity is fantastic for sensory, motor skills and imaginative play.  Plus?  You’ll come off as a total rock star parent to your kid.  That’s just a bonus!  LOL!

CAT Toys in Sandbox

Sand Toys Bulldozer

Digging with Sand Toys

I will offer you one teeny tiny warning: the kids won’t want to leave this box of awesome.   Naptime was a total no-go in our house today because Landon was so thrilled with his new sand box that he didn’t want to nap.  Oops.  Other than that, total success.  ;)

CAT Dump Truck Toy


DIY Digger Box PIN

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