DIY Crayon Jar Teacher Gift

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crayon jar teacher gift

I gotta confess.

This craft is a year old.

It has taken me that long to post pictures of it.  :D  Last summer, we were on the brink of going from a family of 3 to a family of 4.  Even though I was hugely pregnant and even though every day was hot, humid and unbearably hazy, I was nesting like there was no tomorrow.  I tried to get as many things possible finished by summer’s end – including baking vats of slow cooker applesauce and throwing Lily a 5th birthday party.

Somewhere in all of that excitement, I decided to put some of the many crayons I have stockpiled to good use and turned the into a ridiculously cute back to school gift for Lily’s Pre-K teacher.  Bright and cheery, this craft was also easy to put together.

Here’s what you need:

:: 2-3 boxes (16 ct) of new crayons (amount will depend on the size of your jar)

:: Some sort of clear double-sided adhesive.  We used glue craft dots.  Double-sided tape or even a hot glue gun would work too.

:: Decorative ribbon

:: Clear glass or plastic jar (with or without lid) with SMOOTH sides all the way around

:: (Optional) Candy or small school supplies to fill the jar with – I used candy corn because it is so bright and cheery.  I was also afraid that if I used chocolate it would melt as back to school time is still pretty warm here in SE PA.

:: (Optional) Small decoration to cover the spot where the ribbon ends meet.  I found a cute wooden apple decoration at AC Moore.

How to make:

:: Use adhesive to attach crayons around the jar so that each crayon touches the next.  Attach crayons directly to the side of the jar.

:: Cut ribbon to a length that wraps once around the jar with crayons (leaving a little overlap).

:: Glue or tape ribbon in place.

:: Glue or tape decoration (if using one) in place over the ribbon ends.

:: Fill with candy or school supplies (if you’re filling the jar).

So cute!  This would look incredibly colorful and fun on a teacher’s desk or shelf.

crayon jar teacher gift idea

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