DIY Chocolate Candy Poop Emoji Treats

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Hershey Kiss Poop Emoji Treats

Need a treat that’s guaranteed to give everyone a laugh? Here is an easy DIY using popular chocolate candy – Poop Emoji Treats!

Poop Emoji Chocolate

Can you remember a time before emoji symbols existed?  I have to admit, it’s getting harder and harder for me to remember a time without them.  My kids definitely do not remember LBE (Life Before Emoji). Nowadays, you can find certain emojis on just about every piece of merchandise imaginable: beach towels, pool floats, apparel, pop sockets – you name it, it’s probably for sale somewhere.

And of course, while they love the smiley faces and many more, the single most popular emoji over here is probably always going to be the poop emoji.

Because? Well, poop.  Toilet humor seems to take on a life of its own.  Just ask my kiddo, who last year seemed to get talked to on a weekly basis for using potty talk at school. And while I did my best to reinforce the general notion that potty talk was inappropriate at school, poop emojis are  pretty funny.

Today’s easy dessert DIY will use a popular, easy-to-find chocolate candy to form a funny candy version of that good ‘ol poop emoji!

Poop Emoji Treats Materials

Hershey’s Kisses
Candy Eyes
Candy Melts

Poop Emoji Chocolates

How to Make Poop Emoji Treats

1. Melt several Candy Melt wafers in the microwave.  I microwave these wafers in 10-15 second intervals, stirring between each interval.  Heat until they are melted completely. You will be using this candy as your “glue” to stick the pieces together.

2. Unwrap the Hershey’s Kisses and place them on your work space.

3. Put a small dot of melted Candy Melts on the back of each candy eye and place two eyes on the Hershey Kiss.  Let sit for a few minutes to give the Candy Melts a chance to harden.

4. That’s it!  Enjoy these treats immediately or store in an airtight container until you serve them.

Poop Emoji Chocolate Square


Hershey Kiss Poop Emojis

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