DIY Chocolate Candy Graduation Cap Treats

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DIY Chocolate Candy Graduation Cap Treats

May and June are two of the most popular months for graduation celebrations! These easy DIY Chocolate Candy Graduation Cap Treats will be the hit of your graduation party dessert table!

Chocolate Candy Graduation Cap Dessert

Every year as the weather gets warmer and summer approaches, the balloons start to appear on mailboxes across the neighborhood.  These balloons can only mean one thing: it is graduation season!  Starting in mid-May and hitting a certain fever pitch by late June, colleges and high schools alike graduate their seniors and friends and families gather to celebrate.  Graduation is such a huge achievement and certainly a reason to party!

I remember my high school and college graduation parties. My high school graduation party was definitely a bigger affair, with tons of guests, many of whom were my school friends. Our menu was a mix of local catering and some of my mom’s famous crock pot dishes (crock pot baked beans, anyone?).

My favorite end of school year tradition that will turn into a most epic graduation gift in a few years is the one where you get your kids’ teachers to sign this Dr Seuss book every year.

Places You'll Go Gift Seuss

So the next time you find yourself planning a graduation party (or perhaps attending a grad party and you’re bringing a dessert), check out this really cute, relatively easy DIY Chocolate Candy Graduation Cap Treats!

You can make these treats ahead of time, up to a day or two before the party.

Chocolate Candy Graduation Cap Supplies

Reeses’s Peanut Butter Cups
Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares
M&Ms (in school colors if you desire)
Candy Melts (in school colors if you desire)

DIY Chocolate Candy Graduation Cap Supplies

How to make Chocolate Candy Graduation Cap Treats!

1. Unwrap peanut butter cups and place upside down on plate. Unwrap a chocolate square for every peanut butter cup that you unwrapped.

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

2. Melt a few (approx 5-10) candy melts.  You will use these as “glue” to attach the peanut butter cups to the chocolate squares.

3. Place a dot of melted candy melts on top of each peanut butter cup.  Then top each peanut butter cup with a chocolate square.  Work quickly, before the candy melts have a chance to harden.


Chocolate Treats

4. Once the candy has hardened, it’s time to decorate the tops with a tassel! If you are making more than one color tassel, work in batches.

5. For each color, melt the candy melts and spoon them into a plastic sandwich bag.  Snip a small piece of one corner off of the bag to create a DIY piping bag.  Make a colorful squiggle on the chocolate square and place an M&M of the same color to the center of the square.

DIY Piping bag

Chocolate Tassel

Tassle caps chocolate

6. Repeat until you have made your desired amount.

7. Store these Chocolate Candy Graduation Cap Treats in an airtight container until you are ready to serve them!

DIY Graduation Dessert Idea

These cute treats will look amazing on your graduation party dessert table!


DIY Chocolate Candy Graduation Cap Treats

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