DIY Cheesecloth Ghost Halloween Craft

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halloween craft

I kinda sorta remember weekend days pre-kid.  I might have spent a Sunday lying around on the couch all day catching up on movies via Netflix.  We might have caught an afternoon movie matinee at the local theater.  I might have worked on a few scrapbook pages.

I definitely did not find household holiday decor as interesting back then as I do now. And I definitely rarely attempted any sort of crafty project.

But things have changed around here!  I still love my Netflix and stream shows and movies on an almost daily basis.  I rarely get to the movie theater because that requires babysitters and lots of coordination.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating my house for different holidays!  The main reason I love making holiday crafts is because my KIDS go crazy for them.  They love seeing what I come up with and enjoy helping me put them on display around the house.

Check out this super easy craft where you can make some GHOSTS to display around your house.

You will need:

  • cheesecloth
  • liquid starch
  • household items for shaping the cheesecloth – such as a bottle and ball
  • black ovals for eyes (optional – make from paper, foam, vinyl, etc)

How to make:

  • Assemble your bottle/ball to resemble a head/body shape.  I stuck a small beach ball on top of an empty wine bottle.  I have seen others use juice bottles or soda bottles, balloons or foam balls.
  • Take your cheesecloth (got mine at the dollar store) and see if it’s large (or small) enough to drape over your bottle.  I cut my cheesecloth in half.
  • Pour liquid starch in a bowl and soak the cheesecloth in the bowl.  Squeeze the excess liquid out of the cheesecloth.
  • Drape the cheesecloth over the bottle/ball and arrange it in whatever ghostly shape you like best.
  • Allow cheesecloth to dry for a few hours.  You can speed up this process with a hairdryer or fan.
  • When cheesecloth has dried, pull the bottle and ball out.  Place eyes on your ghost if desired.  (I used my Silhouette to cut out ovals for eyes on black matte vinyl.)


DIY Cheesecloth Ghost

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