Disney World Weather Cheat Sheet: Average Temperatures and Rainfall

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Sometimes I will book a vacation only after checking to see what month(s) have desirable average temperatures and lowest average rainfall amounts.  For other trips, our dates might not be flexible, but I always check average temps and rainfall amounts before packing our bags.

I figured if I was looking for this info for our upcoming Disney trip, you might be interested in it as you plan your vacation!

We have traveled to Disney World during pretty much every kind of weather.  We have been there in the extreme hot, on a cold winter day, and on those days (which are actually pretty common) when blue skies turn to gray in seconds flat and the rain seems to explode from the sky.  Some rain showers pass through quickly while others linger.

Two things that we NEVER (ever!) forget to pack in our Disney World bag: ponchos and sweatshirts.  The rain can pop up without warning and many days after the sun sets, the weather can turn chilly (especially Winter and Spring!).

I grabbed these stats right from Weather.com.

Average Monthly High Temperatures for Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL:

January – 71 F
February – 73 F
March – 78 F
April – 83 F
May –  89 F
June – 91 F
July – 92 F
August – 92 F
September – 90 F
October – 84 F
November – 78 F
December – 72 F

Average Monthly Low Temperatures for Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL:

January – 47 F
February – 53 F
March – 54 F
April – 59 F
May – 65 F
June – 71 F
July – 73 F
August – 73 F
September – 72 F
October – 66 F
November – 58 F
December – 51 F

Average Monthly Rainfall Amounts for Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL:

January – 2.9″
February – 2.7″
March – 4″
April – 2.3″
May – 3.1″
June – 8.3″
July – 7″
August – 7.7″
September – 5.1″
October – 2.5″
November – 2.1″
December – 2.9″


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