Disney Resort Grocery Delivery Tips + Printable Checklist

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In recent years, having groceries delivered to your Disney World hotel room or condo has become incredibly popular. There are several services that will deliver to Disney properties. See our tips below for placing a grocery order for Disney delivery and grab our free printable checklist to use on your next trip!

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Grocery delivery at Disney World is definitely a great thing to try. Before the days of grocery delivery, I remember arriving at Disney only to have to waste a few hours of vacation time at a nearby grocery store loading up on snacks and meal (mostly breakfast) foods.

These days, there are several different services to choose from and you can let someone else do you shopping while you hop headfirst into your vacation. (Plus if you FLY to WDW and don’t have a rental car, getting groceries on your own will present another headache as you arrange and pay for transportation to and from the store.)

Why Get Groceries Delivered to Disney Hotel?

There are a bunch of great reasons, but these definitely top my list:

  • Saves you time, gets vacation started right away
  • Having food in your room will save you some money versus buying every meal and snack in the Parks
  • I don’t know about you – but I physically feel better when I am traveling if I do NOT have to eat a heavy restaurant meal more than once, maybe twice a day. A banana or granola bar are all I need to get moving in the morning and these items are easy to store in any hotel room (even those without a refrigerator).
  • Planning for a dinner or two at the hotel gives you the chance to build in some Park breaks to your schedule. Disney vacations can be extremely exhausting, so any breaks we get are always welcome.

Good suggestions for food and groceries to order for Disney resort delivery?

I tend to break down our grocery list by meal times. We rarely eat lunch in our room, but some lunch foods will work great as quick and easy dinner ideas as well.

  • Breakfast: Focus on quick, grab-and-go, lighter foods. If you have a toaster in your room, you can enjoy things like toast, English muffins and bagels. If you have a refrigerator, grab some milk, coffee creamer, juice and whatever topping you like on toast or muffins. Now you can also enjoy cereal. If you have a freezer, we love frozen waffles and pancakes or even breakfast sandwiches. Pop them in the microwave or toaster and you’re set!
  • Lunch/Dinner: Bread can turn into an array of tasty sandwiches. From peanut butter and jelly to grilled cheese, tuna salad, or lunchmeat sandwiches, you are only limited by your refrigerator space!
    If you happen to be staying in a suite or villa that also had a cooktop and/or oven, you can expand your options even further. Think about casseroles, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and chicken fingers.
  • Snacks: We always keep plenty of snacks on hand both for the hotel room AND to toss in our Park bags for snacking in between meals. Of course I know I’ll splurge on a popcorn in Magic Kingdom, but it’s awesome to have some beef jerky or a protein bar in my bag when I don’t feel like buying a pricey Park snack!
  • Beverages: Many of the rooms at Disney World offer a coffee maker and a starter amount of coffee. Use a grocery delivery to buy additional coffee and filters if needed. Add a case or two of bottled water and any soda or juice boxes your family might like. Note: some of the grocery delivery services will NOT deliver alcohol.
  • Miscellaneous: It can be helpful to add paper products like plates, napkins and cups to your order. In addition, some paper towels, sandwich baggies and wipes usually also find their way onto our list.

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What Grocery Delivery Companies Deliver to Disney World Hotels?

An important note: Disney resorts do not allow 3rd party vendors to deliver your order directly to your room. They require the delivery service to leave your order with the front desk and then the resort will charge you (currently $6 at most resorts) to pick up your order.

Fees: Most of the companies below require a minimum order total AND most charge a delivery fee. All are just slightly different from each other, so take a little time and read the fine print so there are no issues or surprise charges with your order.

Also important to note is that Disney resorts will not accept deliveries from every company. For example, last year Fort Wilderness refused to accept my DoorDash delivery. We had to be on hand to personally receive the order from the driver.

Here are some options to order from that SHOULD be accepted by your Disney resort:

  • AmazonYep, that’s right, regular old Amazon. You can order your snacks and non-perishable items ahead of time and have them delivered to your resort. We did this a few years ago with success. You can read more about this here.
  • Amazon FreshYou can place an Amazon Fresh order for all kinds of fresh fruit, vegetables and other perishable items and have them delivered to your resort.
  • Garden Grocer: Garden Grocer is an approved Disney Resort delivery service and they offer a full array of grocery items (including alcohol). You can place your order well in advance of your trip (120+ days!) and Disney will hold your order until you arrive.
  • InstacartWhile Instacart will deliver to most Disney Resorts, check with the front desk staff to see if you are required to meet the driver or if the front desk will accept and hold your items for you. Instacart is similar to DoorDash and UberEats, both of which require you to meet the driver to accept your order.
  • Walmart Grocery Delivery: I have been using Walmart’s online pickup service for years at home with great success. You can use the same service in Disney, simply choose delivery instead of store pickup. (Yes, there are delivery fees, unless you belong to Walmart+.

There may be other options out there, but this list has been researched and I feel confident in sharing them with you as viable options. If you tried another service with success, please feel free to drop it in the comments below!

Printable Disney Grocery List

Check out this printable that we have put together to share! You can use this list as a starting point for your own Disney shopping list.

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Disney Grocery List Printable

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