Disney Outlet Store Orlando – Up to 70% Off Parks Authentic Merch at Character Warehouse

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Disney Outlet Store Orlando

disney store outlet orlando

Last month during our in-between-parks-and-cruise day in Florida, we FINALLY made it to the infamous Disney Character Warehouse Outlet Store in Orlando!  We have heard about this store for years, heard that the deals on Disney Parks Authentic Merchandise can be fantastic, but never had the chance to pay it a visit.  Until now.

There are actually TWO Disney Character Warehouse locations.  The one that we visited was in the Orlando Premium Outlet International which is located at 4951 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819.

This outlet store is located right smack in the middle of a giant outlet mall/complex. We are no strangers to outlet shopping as we have several within a 30 minute drive of our home.  HOWEVER – the parking at this location in Orlando was unlike any kind of crowded that we have ever seen.  It would be equivalent maybe to Black Friday at the outlets back home.  Cars EVERYWHERE, no parking spots ANYWHERE.  Cars parked on curbs and in other non-spots were getting ticketed by a parking guard who obviously had great job security.  I’m not sure if the crowds were an everyday thing at this location, but given the high tourism in the area, I’m guessing it’s a good possibility.

So once we finally found a very remote parking spot, we set off in search of the Disney Character Warehouse.

disney character warehouse outlet store orlando premium outlets
disney store orlando outlets

Let me tell you: it was worth the hassle to find parking.  This store is basically a dumping ground for Disney Parks and resorts to clear out seasonal and other merchandise.  It’s kind of like a consignment or thrift shop in that you never know exactly what you’ll find, but the prices are hard to say no to.  We found everything from resort and ride-specific merchandise to seasonal products and apparel.  It seemed like the sizes were completely hit or miss for apparel.  You might find an entire rack of $5 Epcot hoodies, but all of them are size small.

disney character warehouse orlando premium outlets
disney outlet store character warehouse orlando

We found a whole wall of Disney Cruise Line merchandise.. some were cruise-specific, others more general.

disney cruise merchandise outlet store orlando

Holiday merch was abundant – from cookie mixes to apparel to Christmas decorations.  There were a bunch of different things to choose from at large markdowns.

disney outlet store orlando holiday clothing
disney christmas ornaments outlet store orlando

Most, if not all, of the merch found in this outlet store still had the original Parks price tags on them.  You could clearly see how good of a deal you were getting.

grumpy disney side shirt outlet store
mickey hands disney outlet orlando
mickey hands disney outlet price

Some of the merchandise had a resort-specific theme like the Duffy Bears from Epcot or the Aulani bears from the Hawaiian resort.

duffy bear disney outlet
disney aulani bears

Then there were other toys, clothing, etc that had a general Disney theme but weren’t specifically from a ride or resort but maybe a general gift shop.

disney outlet store orlando frozen shirt
disney outlet store orlando frozen olaf
disney magic bandits outlet store orlando
disney store pillow pets
disney store orlando outlet frozen dolls
disney outlet store vinylmation
steamboat minnie mouse plush disney outlet store

We had a lot of fun wandering around this store and easily wasted an hour or more cruising the variety of merchandise.  We did end up buying a few things, sadly nothing for Yours Truly.  Anything I found that I liked was not in stock in my size.  On the other hand, we got the kids a few cute things, Bob even got a shirt.

Total paid for everything pictured below: $62

Original ticketed price: $125  (saved 50%)

merchandise from disney character warehouse outlet store

Have you been to the Disney Outlet Store Orlando?  What did you find there?

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  1. We are leaving Saturday with Legoland planned for Sunday. Monday is our “rest day” with Downtown Disney and a character lunch and dinner. Our plan is to take the time to check this out! I need to google how far away it is from where we are staying at Disney :) Your article made me even more excited about stopping in!


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