Disney Charades Printable Activity

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Love Disney? Then this is the perfect printable activity for you!  Printable our Disney themed charades before your next family game night! 

Disney Charades Cut

This new printable is going to be the PERFECT activity to have on hand for a great boredom buster or a fun addition to your next family game night. Our printable Disney Charades will challenge players to act out their favorite Disney movies! Most of the movies included in our charades are the most well-known, popular Disney movies that players of all ages will likely be familiar with.

Printable Disney Charades

Get the printable here: Disney Charades

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Printable Disney Charades

How to Play

Grab our printable file and cut out the individual movies. There is one “free space” included in the game that allows the person who chooses it to act out a scene from any Disney movie of their choosing.

After all of the movies have been cut out, fold them up and place them in any container with a wide opening – jar, bucket, hat, whatever.

Printable Disney Charades

You need at least two players to play this game.  If you have more than 2 players, you can split everyone up into two teams.

Players take turns pulling a mystery movie out of the container and then they have to act the movie out for their team members to guess.

Tips for easier play

Traditional charades are played by acting out what is on the paper WITHOUT speaking or making sounds.  If you are playing with a very young crowd, you might want to bend the rules a little and allow them to speak as they act out their movie.

To move the game along, we suggest using a timer and giving every player/team a set amount of time to guess each movie.  (Somewhere in the 30-60 second range will keep the game moving.)

If the time runs out and the movie has not been guessed, you can either return the movie to the contain for a future player to pull, or you can toss it in the used pile – your choice!

This game makes a great boredom buster!  Consider placing the papers in an envelope or sandwich bag and tucking them in your purse, car, or diaper bag for those times when you just need an easy, simple activity to keep the kids entertained.


Disney Charades PIN

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