CVS Coupon Policy: Straight from Customer Care

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Well, you probably remember the Tale of Rude CVS Boy.

I was so annoyed after my last trip to CVS.  I wrote to their customer service and told them what I had experienced and also requested a copy of their coupon policy.

I was extremely disappointed that CVS completely ignored my complaints.  No apology, no NOTHING.  Tsk, tsk.

They did, however, supply me with their current coupon policy.

I will be printing this policy and taking it with me from now on- you will see that it CLEARLY spells out the BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale once and for all.  I would advise you to print this as well!

Thank you for contacting CVS/pharmacy. Your e-mail has reached the Customer Relations Department. We appreciate the time you took to contact us with your inquiry. Our coupon policy is not available on our Web site. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

Our registers are set to allow 1 CVS coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon per item. Free coupons or “offers at the register” (OAR’s) are unearned and issued to you as a valued member of the CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare program. These coupons take the form of “open ended” coupons such as $3 off $15 or a certain dollar amount off a specific item. In any given transaction our registers will allow only one “open ended” coupon per transaction. CVS Extra Buck coupons are earned when you make a qualifying purchase. These print out instantly at the register upon reaching the threshold for the offer. You can use more than one Extra Buck coupon provided the purchase threshold has been met for each offer amount on a per-transaction basis.

In the case where a particular item is on sale for “buy one get one free” (BOGO), you are only allowed to use one manufacturer’s BOGO coupon. For instance, if Revlon lipstick is on sale for BOGO, you can use one manufacturer’s BOGO coupon. You would get both items free and pay any applicable tax. We reserve the right to limit quantities after the first purchase. If our store is running a sale for BOGO, you can use two manufacturer’s coupons for a specific dollar amount off. For example, if Revlon lipstick is on sale at our store for BOGO, you can use two $1.00 off Revlon lipstick manufacturer coupons.

CVS/pharmacy does accept manufacturers’ coupons that have been obtained from manufacturer sponsored and/or authorized Web sites. The coupon should be complete and contain a bar code that can be scanned at the register. If the coupon does not scan, the cashier should politely inform you that we cannot accept your coupon. We do not allow manual overrides at the register for coupons printed from the Internet. CVS/pharmacy will not accept offers printed from unauthorized Internet postings or reproductions, copies, or facsimiles.

We do not accept competitors’ coupons for front store items. We feel that our sales and ExtraCare program are comparable if not better than any sales or coupons offered by our competitors. We also do not accept any expired coupons, CVS or otherwise. We do not “double” or “triple” coupons.

Again, thank you for contacting us. We value your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

Customer Relations

74 thoughts on “CVS Coupon Policy: Straight from Customer Care”

  1. I had a similar problem on Monday when I went. I called corp and they were most helpful. They called the store and shared the policy with the mgrs and asked them to train the cashiers. Then on Thurs I got a call back from corp and they asked me if I went back and had any problems. I expressed that the stock was out and I asked when delivery was. She then asked if they offered me a raincheck (which they did not).

  2. Great job! I linked to your posting so my readers can print it out (although there aren’t any CVS stores where I live, my readers around the US thank you!).

    Oh, & boo to CVS for not apologizing for Rude CVS Boy. Lame on their part.

  3. Thank you so much for printing there policy. I have had problems before, usually with someone that does not use coupons themselves. (I ask)!

  4. Last week I was told I could not use my BOGO manufacture coupon with their BOGO sale on right guard, this week I was told that I couldn’t use my manufacture coupon with their CVS coupon because the CVS name brand coupon was the same as a manufacture coupon.
    I think they don’t like it when i come out of there with a nice “haul” 30 to 50 dollars worth for just a few dollars!

    • Oh I know- it’s like they think you MUST be ripping off the store b/c you are saving so much. HATE that attitude! Make sure you print a copy of CVS’s coupon policy and bring it with you in case they try to give you grief!

  5. That is really awesome, I work for K-mart and we do double coupons every few weeks, it can get to be a nightmare -the computers we have are ancient, and they never want to cooperate. But if you know what your doing, you can get some really good deals.. Before we got the rewards card and all the rules to go along with it, I had some lady’s walking out the store with $200 worth of stuff for like 20 bucks!! and that is something that I wish I could do!! As for those mean cashiers I feel bad for you guys… because if the computer will let me do it, I’ll do it.. not a problem..!

  6. I have given up on CVS. My local store says Smart Source internet coupons are “an unauthorized source” and since it’s hard to tell if a coupon has been printed or just copied, they won’t take anything but their own internet coupons. According to them, that falls within the Corporate guidelines.

  7. I work as a supervisor for CVS and I have seen some problems with cashiers who do not know or remember everything in our coupon policy. However, our cashiers are told to call a manager or supervisor if they aren’t sure about something. I do hear stories about cashiers refusing valid coupons. Ask to see a manager. If a manager doesn’t help, call or e-mail CVS. Corporate takes everything very seriously, and the store manager will get a phone call or e-mail directly from the district manager about the situation. We used to offer $25 gift cards for valid complaints just so the customer didn’t call our corporate office! They rarely do that now, but be persistant!

  8. Walgreens actually has their coupon policy on their website. You can use 2 manufactures coupons on BOGOF offers. CVS this AM would not let me use two, so they did not get that purchase because Walgreens has the same on Nature Made. Print out their policy because some cashiers dont know.

  9. I found that my Barberton (OH) CVS will take local store Catalina coupons (generated at point of sale), not just their own!

  10. Thanks for posting the coupon policy. Is there a link to print it that I didn’t see? Something that looks official? Just wondering because I don’t want to hear a cashier tell me I could have just typed it up.

    Also, I tried to use a bogo q and a $1 q on a bogo sale item recently. The cashier put the bogo q through first, then said she couldn’t put the $1 q through (it beeped and she said she can’t override the system). I see in the policy you can use 2 q’s on a bogo transaction but it specifies 2 dollar value q’s. I was thinking my transaction would have worked if she did the $1 q’s first and tried to tell her that but she just treated me like a scammer and wasn’t hearing it.

    • Hi Brooke,
      Unfortunately, I do not have anything more official (I just copy and pasted from the email CVS sent me) – but you could drop their customer service a line and request the policy. Then print out the email they send you.

      I’m not sure about the bogo – but if the item was already on sale bogo and then you used 1 bogo coupon on it – you should have ended up with TWO products for free – and wouldn’t have needed to use that other $1. Does that make sense?

  11. So this doesn’t state I can’t use a 5.00 internet coupon? They allow BoGo coupons but it doesn’t give a range of the coupons they allow. So I guess they have to take my 5.00 Gillette coupon I brought in there. They claim they only take 1.00 internet coupons.

    • I have a store that will take internet coupons but they have to be less than a $1.00…I just figured it is better than not allowing like some other store in town.

  12. I think that it is not the lack of training or policy at CVS and like drug stores. Try looking at it from an unselfish point of view. These retail outlets put items on promo as “loss leaders”. They entice customers to come into the stores with these products, hoping for further purchases. When you only by loss leaders and add coupons, the following happens:
    1) You tie up cashiers and managers; thereby, limiting other tasks they can accomplish throughout the day.
    2) You reduce inventory of products that actual customers wish to purchase, making them shop else where.
    3) The losses we incur from sales of solely loss leaders will not come out of our margin. They will be offset by lower wages for employees and higher prices for actual customers.

    So, you are wondering why the clerks are rude, or do not wish to honor your coupons? If you knew that someone was making your wages lower, hurting your job security, making other customers complain about shorts/outs, and then has the self-righteous arrogance to throw it in your face after all that: Would you not hate them?

    The best way I can explain this is by comparison. It is like when a checker opens another check stand and says that they will help the next person in line. Someone near the end of the line cuts off the old lady who is second in line and uses the excuse that they got there first. Just because it is legal…does not make it ethical.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, John. I do agree that there are certainly two sides to the situation. However, I have to feel that if coupons, the Extra Care Bucks program, etc caused CVS to lose so much money, the program would have been disbanded long ago and coupons would not be accepted there.

      Stores are reimbursed 100% for coupons redeemed (including extra for postage and handling). Stores do NOT lose money when customers use coupons – though I feel like many employees/cashiers think that’s true.

      Simply put – manufacturers and stores know exactly what and how coupons work. They work together. They pair sales with available coupons on purpose to move inventory – they’re not stupid – very smart actually. This is nothing new – it’s been happening for decades.

      When I head to the store and get a great cashier who has experience and knows the store’s coupon policy, I have a WONDERFUL experience. I always try to have patience with those that lack the experience. However outright rudeness for no reason – unacceptable.

  13. I went this am and the manager wouldn’t allow me to use my coupons with the 75% makeup sale items. Do I call corporate or can I find something online that will say I can? Please help!

    • How frustrating! I would call corporate – might waste less time to go straight to the top. Good luck! I can’t think of any reason why you would not be able to use coupons on sale or clearance products.

  14. Nobody cares about your *****************. Stop *******************. I know *******************. HAHA. *************.

  15. Thanks for all the help and advice. I don’t mean to offend anyone but I’ve experienced a lot of ignorance from the CVS employees when it comes to redeeming my coupons. They make it seem like I am trying to fool them and get lucky redeeming coupons illegally or something like that! I’m tired of having to justify myself with them. It’s not my job to have explain to the cashiers their own coupon policy. I don’t have time for that.
    Would you be so kind to provide me with the email address were I can write an email to request for a CVS coupon policy for myself. I’ve tried to find an email address online but all I find are blogs. I would like a contact information. Thank you so much!

  16. I’m so happy to see that you’re still replying to comments about this in 2011. I have a question about using ECB and Mfr Qs. I thought I read somewhere that at CVS they’re supposed to ring up your ECB FIRST and then you’re mfr qs? I noticed today that they rang up my mfr qs first and my ECB last resulting in me having to buy a 33c caramel to get it up to $5 after mfr qs and before tax. What is the right way so that I know for next time? Also, feel free to drop a line on my facebook page ( : )

    • Hi Crystal – In my experience I have always given manu Qs first, then ECBs. Sometimes I need too buy a filler – other times the total comes to 0 or the cashier has adjusted the price to 0. :)

  17. Sorry to ask a silly question. I want to be sure before my CVS visit tomorrow and Iwant to be informed and I also, will be printing the coupon policy.

    The items I’m going to purchase are all extra bucks items. I have five on my list. Ok, do the extra bucks just add up at the end of the transaction? or is it seperate for each item? I read on some other sites that you can do three different transactions and pay with your extra bucks with the first one and second and so on. I want to avoid a argurement if all possible with the cashier or managment.
    Thank you for any advice

    • Not a silly question – your ECBs will print out separately by offer. So if you get 2 $2.50 ECBs from, say, Suave, it will print out 1 $5 ECB. But if you get 1 $1 from Crest and 1 $2 from Pantene, it will print out 2 separate ECBs – a for $1 and another for $2. When they print separately, you can definitely use ECBs from one transaction to pay for the next. :)

  18. Hello,

    This policy is most useful.
    I tried calling, but they close at 3pm PDT!

    I tried couponing today, but it all went bad. I signed up online so I can print out the $4/$20 instantly.
    When I went to the cashier, my printed cvs card didn’t work, nor did the phone number I used to sign up. In frustration, the clerk just scanned the “courtesy card” I did get the sale prices, but the ECB didn’t print :( I should have received $12 back.

    I’ll be calling customer service. I’ve tried googling everything, but I didn’t come with results.

    What’s the best way to handle this situation? $12 is still $12.

  19. Thank you for providing this policy for us all to read! But, I just hate how it says “the policy can change at anytime without notice”, because then cashiers will just tell us “the policy changed”. I have a usual CVS I go to which is WONDERFUL but they haven’t been keeping very good tabs on their stock lately so I went to another CVS and was unable to use “internet coupons” of ANY sort…he flashed some paper in front of me (which I asked for a copy of and he refused) which stated something about coupons…Well, enough said, I will not be going back to that CVS again. *Oh, and it really peeved him off when I walked out of there for 0.69cents for $30 of stuff even without my internet coupons =)

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  21. i have worked for cvs for a little over a year and my store uses the following rules:
    1. bogo coupons can be used more then once/twice, i’ve scaned as many as seven… if my computer lets me I do it.
    2. unlimited amount of extra bucks can be used, if one wont scan we have a source code we enter and it should go through- as long as the coupon is for that exra care card.
    3. expired coupons varies from store to store- personally mine will let me do it if it expires in that week
    example: 3.00- any ____ expires 6/28.. if you come in 7/02 we should still do a price modify or enter it in manualy as long as it’s in the same week
    4. not sure if anyone knows this but the coupons in the coupon center have no real bar code…. so if you have a coupon for .50 off any whatever, as long as you bring it up even if you dont have that product it will still take the amount off. but that depends on the actual stores policy- I do it for my customers and actually encourage it to help people save as much as possible.
    if anyone has any questions let me know:) i hope this helps to some degree:)

    ps: im sorry people have had customer service problems. I know I personally hate it when my coworkers have attitudes with people.. esp were right across the street from another drugstore where they can easily take their buisness over there:/ it’s a shame! I try to help everyone that walks in there with respect and I really do care about all the customers we get. Esp all the coupon users I try to help because their the ones we get the most buisness from. and i try and get tips to help me save, as well as help those by giving them tips as well:)

  22. I just want to know if im understanding this right. I have a coupons for buy one get one free Schick Razors And CVS has one online you can print and 2 off one Schick razor. So that mean can use both sence u can use a Manfactor and a CVS coupon right. Sorry i very new to all of this.

    • Hi Joanna – Yes, you should be able to use both. You can stack 1 manu coupon with 1 store coupon PER item… but in this case you have 2 items and 2 coupons, so no stacking needed. :)

  23. I went to CVS yesterday and they told me that I could not use a coupon on a clearance item, i used to be able to. Is this the right information or was the cashier just being a jerk?

    Please let me know thanks

  24. I was purchasing 2 lipsticks and had a cvs coupon and 2 manufacturer coupons. The “Manager” told me I could only use one manufacturer coupon per purchase. I told him “I am, 2 lipsticks 2 coupons.” He said a purchase was the whole transaction. I said “Nooooo, each item is a purchase the whole group of my order is called a transaction.” Needless to say I didn’t get the items. I have to print out the damn policy to take with me to the stores from now on so I can get my stuff. And before you ask is it worth it to use the coupons, yes, yes it is. I pay 50% or less on most everything. Ok, my venting is done :) Oh, and good morning!!!

  25. If the Purex 3 in 1 is B1G1 in the CVS ad, and I have a coupon for $1 off 2, do I buy 2 or 4? I don’t see this explained in their coupon policy. Thanks, heading out later and needed to know….

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