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  • Hedi Gietter

    Hi. A while ago, I signed up for the promotion for free admission for teachers to Sesame Place. I never received anything. What are the details? Thank you!

    • Hi Hedi – Unfortunately I have nothing to do with this offer… I was just passing the deal along. You could try contacting Sesame Place to see if they have any additional info. I’m sorry I can’t be more help! :(

    • Hedi Gietter

      Hi. Thanks. Is there any contact info that you can give me, such as who did you get this offer from to pass along? Again, thank you!

      • Unfortunately I don’t think it will help much, b/c I don’t see any specific contact info listed, but I used this link: The page has been changed now from the request form page to the “now closed for applications” page. :(

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