A Closer Look at American Girl Luciana Vega + 10 Great STEM Activities for Kids

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Introducing American Girl Luciana Vega

Every year as the calendar runs through the final days of December, there’s a lot of anticipation over here.  Sure, we are excited for a new year and a fresh start and the ball dropping and all of that good stuff.  But there’s something even more exciting that Lily is ALWAYS waiting for: the announcement of the brand new American Girl Girl of the Year.  Every year for more than a decade now, American Girl has unveiled a brand new doll on January 1st. There’s a doll and also her corresponding book series and collection of outfits, accessories and playsets.

So every single January we await the arrival of the latest American Girl.  And every year it is exciting to learn about the new character and see what she looks like and what her hobbies are, etc.

THIS year, however, Lily and I found ourselves more excited about the Girl of the Year than ever before.  I actually caught the early reveal of the doll one morning on GMA and I recall letting out an audible, “YESSSSSS!” when I saw Luciana Vega for the first time.

Lily and Luciana

Let’s talk about this beautiful doll and what you will find when you open up the box.  First of all, Luciana is a gal who loves SPACE and SCIENCE.  Her story is inspired by STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning and we all know that STEM education ROCKS!  She hopes to go to space camp and her dream is to get to Mars someday. The doll, her coordinating line of accessories and her book series all promote a seriously science-tastic theme.

When you open Luciana’s box, you will find:

  • the doll
  • a paperback book
  • a cosmic-print dress with attached vibrant red purse belt that she wears to Space Camp
  • a shiny holographic choker and special red star charm necklace she received as a baby
  • a pair of holographic lace-up boots

Luciana Vega

American Girl Luciana

Pictured above is the Luciana book that comes with the doll, as well as the second book in the series, Luciana: Braving the Deep. The box on the left is the optional pack of accessories that you can purchase to compliment the doll.  This accessory pack includes:

  • A shiny holographic backpack with a constellation graphic
  • A star chart for nighttime gazing
  • A pretend smart watch to keep her on track
  • Pretend dehydrated space ice cream—just like the astronauts eat! (Favorite item over here!!)
  • A Space Camp log book to record her progress
  • A Space Camp graduation certificate

Luciana Accessories

We absolutely LOVE this doll and love her character.  We love her theme and the things that she represents. Lily is about to finish the first book (the one that came with the doll) and thinks the story is great.  She is excited to read the next book in the series.

Did you know that February 22nd is “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day?”  Learn more here!

Reading Books

STEM Activities for Kids!

Check out this list we put together with 10 easy STEM activities that you can try with your kiddos:

  1. Turn a Penny GREEN
  2. Make your own SILLY PUTTY
  3. Make a Galaxy Pinwheel
  4. Create Your Own Space Logbook
  6. DIY Constellation Projector
  7. Exploring Gears with PASTA
  8. Straw Rockets (with Free Rocket Template)
  10. Building Pool Noodle Structures with Toothpicks


10 Great STEM Activities for Kids

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