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Sick Day Survival Kit

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Sick Day Survival Kit

It never fails. Every year, somewhere nestled between our last Christmas carol of the season and the heart-filled lovey dovey holiday, a germ cloud seems to descend upon our house. We try to do every little thing we can think of to ward off these unwelcome germs, but they find their way into our lives nonetheless. We’re big on hand washing, not sharing cups, and flu shots… yet despite the best protective measures, we all still seem to fall prey to illness.

This year has been no exception. I am actually typing this thanks to the Robitussin I took a little while ago. The kids have been sick on and off since Christmas – Landon being a double winner with strep throat in December and an ear infection in January. Bob was cut down with a sinus and upper respiratory infection last week and is still not back to 100%. Lily has had a bad cough on and off and I am now down with probably whatever Bob is working through. Yuck, yuck and YUCK!

While sometimes sickness seems to be unavoidable, there certainly ARE some things you can have on hand that will truly help ease the downtime.

I try to keep these things, a survival kit if you will, on hand at all times. We always have medicine stocked in all varieties – both kid and adult versions. I also always try to keep a new movie hidden away for those unexpected sick days. They tend to be the only way I can get sick kids who NEED their rest to chill out on the couch for a couple of hours.

My sick day survival kit includes:

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