Castle Themed Reward Chart Printable for Kids

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A little positive reinforcement goes a long way! Use our printable reward chart for kids! Encourage them to meet goals, work on chores or school work, or whatever accomplishment they are working towards.

Castle Reward Chart HERO

I don’t know about your kids, but mine LOVE when we make up a chore chart or any chart where they can earn a reward at the end. Elementary school years rank among my favorite personal memories for many reasons. I have fond memories of reading books to earn Pizza Hut personal pizzas, etc. These days, they kids earn extra recess and other school wide celebrations for good behavior in their classrooms.

This reward chart printable is the perfect way to encourage your kiddos to work on chores, schoolwork, behaviors, or whatever your goals are.

It’s a blank chart which will allow you to fill is out with exactly what you want/need.

Castle Rewards Chart

Printable Castle Reward Chart

Get your printable: Castle Themed Reward Chart Printable for Kids

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How to Use the Chart

This chart is about as flexible as they come! You can customize the rewards and the tasks required to earn them. Feel free to print new copies as you need them or print one copy and use a laminator to turn it into a dry erase surface. Then reuse it over and over again!

Let us know if you end up using this chart and, if so, how it works out for you!

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