Best STEM Toys for Tweens and Big Kids Gift Ideas

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The future of technology and engineering are bright!  These days it is easier than ever to immerse your kiddo into the world of STEM. Check out some of our very favorite STEM toys for tweens and big kids below. These toys would make great gifts or additions to your classroom!

STEM Learning Toys HERO

STEM Toys for Tweens

Your young learner will love playing with these STEM toys for tweens. Our age focus for this guide is upper elementary students. These STEM-friendly kits will have children learning a variety of different skills as they build and play.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. There are so many STEM kits and projects on the market right now! These kits are always fun and give kids a chance to learn about each subject in a hands-on way. STEM toys can also help to get their imaginations going! It will inspire them to use their minds to create new and valuable things.

These STEM toys for upper elementary aged students will make the perfect gift for any occasion or holiday. You’ll love seeing them have fun as they learn!

Magnetic Stem Toys

Geomag Mechanics Gravity Loops: Kids will love learning about the power of magnetism as they connect and build the winding race track that is full of loops and fun.

Geomag Mechanics Gravity Loops and Turns Kit

Geomag Mechanics Motion Compass: As kids build the compass and learn about magnetism, they will be surprised that when put together correctly, the compass points to the north on its own.

Geomag Mechanics Motion Compass

Coding and Robotics Toys

Solar Robot Kit: With this solar robot kit, kids can build 6 different innovative models as they learn more about solar energy.

Osmo Coding Bundle: With three educational learning games, this Osmo coding bundle works on the iPad and Fire tablet to help teach children about coding. (Osmo offers different kits as well – each one focuses on a different educational theme.) If you already have the Osmo base kit, the Coding kit will work with it. If you do not own the base kit, you can buy it separately or as a bundle with the coding kit. Make sure you buy the version that will work with your device: iPad or Fire tablet.

Sphero BOLT: More than just a robot, the Sphero BOLT is a programmable toy that you can drive and code providing endless fun. We also love the Sphero SPRK+ and the Sphero mini.

Piper Computer Kit: Another award-winning STEM friendly toy for upper elementary students, the Piper Computer Kit will help teach children how to build a computer.

Science Lab Kits

Bubble Science Chemistry Lab: Kids will love creating their own unbreakable bubbles with the power of physics and chemistry in this STEM learning kit.

Clean Water Science: Learning more about global warming and water, this educational STEM kit will have them creating a mini water filtration system.

STEM Game Kits, Puzzles and More

Pinball Game: Build a real working pinball machine with this fun STEM activity kit! The kids will love building the pinball machine and playing with it afterward.

Wooden Puzzle Solar Space Rover: Challenging and hands-on, this wooden puzzle building kit is an advanced STEM toy that will have kids building a space rover from puzzle pieces that actually works.

GoCube: The GoCube is an electronic cube that comes with an app. It’s an award-winning toy that children will have fun with as they try and solve the challenging puzzle.

Physics Set: A constructive building toy for kids, this STEM kit will have them learning about inertia, friction, energy, and more.

Buildable Sketching Machine: Kids will love building and playing with their very own sketching machine with this fun educational STEM toy.

Pixicade: With Pixicade, kids will be able to create their own drawings and turn them into animated playable video games.

Snap Circuits: Your child can become a young engineer with this STEM friendly snap circuit kit as they construct models of various things.

Let us know what your favorite STEM toys are! Drop us a comment and let us know if you have any of these already. What do you think of them? 


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