Be Boldly You with Crayola’s New Take Note! Line!

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We are steeped in back-to-school EVERYTHING right now. I find that back to school is really a wicked combo of trying to cram in those fleeting summer memories despite time marching on, AND getting excited for a fresh start in a new school and/or grade. On one hand we are swimming and running to our favorite local ice cream spot.  On the other hand, we are checking things like haircuts, shoe shopping and Meet the Teacher Day off of our ever-growing list.

Flat Lay Crayola

One thing that my kids AND I always look forward to – fresh new school supplies!  I’m not sure what it is about a brand new box of crayons that can give you the feeling of so many possibilities, but there it is.

THIS YEAR I have a kid on each end of the elementary school.  Landon is just starting his journey with Kindergarten, while my almost-tween Lily is rocking the top spot as a big 5th grader.  While I am thrilled to have both kids at the same school, it is bittersweet as Lily will move on to middle school next year and they will never be in the same building again. (I suppose that’s all the more reason to enjoy the present, right?).

Crayola school supplies always play an important role in our back to school prep. From the traditional box of crayons to markers and paints, we have counted on them for many years to make quality supplies for the kids to use in school and at home on all sorts of projects.


Lily is downright GIDDY over the new Take Note! line of products from Crayola.  It’s no wonder why!  Take Note! features 2-in-1 Dual Ended and Erasable Highlighters, Washable Felt Tip and Gel Pens, Permanent Markers and Dry Erase Markers. The wide variety of bold and bright hues is sure inspire your kids to decorate, create and express themselves!

Crayola Take Note Backpack

Some of our favorite ways to use these products include:

  • School projects
  • Journaling (traditional and bullet journaling)
  • Scrapbooks
  • Dry-erase calendars and/or to-do lists
  • Fabric decorating (with the permanent markers)
  • DIY Greeting Cards
  • Locker decor

What would YOUR kids decorate with Take Note! products?  No matter what they end up using these products for, one thing is certain: the end result is sure to be colorful and creative!

Watch me shine take note Crayola

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