Baked Potato Spirals (Veggetti Recipe)

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Baked Potato Spirals (Veggetti Recipe)

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Last year for my birthday, Bob got me a Veggetti.  I assure you, it’s completely G-Rated, though if you have a gutter mind like me, that name might make you giggle a bit.  :)  A Veggetti is a spiral vegetable slicer.  It’s perfect for turning zucchini, potatoes and other veggies into long spaghetti-like strands.


The other night I wanted to have potatoes as a side dish and could not decide how to prepare them.  It dawned on me that I could use the Veggetti to cut the potatoes into spiral strands.

All you need for this recipe:

:: baking potatoes, rinsed/skin left on

:: spiral slicer such as a Veggetti

:: non-stick cooking spray

:: sea salt

:: extra virgin olive oil (optional)

How to make:

:: Preheat oven to 400 F

:: Spray baking sheet with non-stick spray

:: Cut potatoes with spiral slicer.  Arrange potato spirals on cooking tray. I fit 2 medium sized baking potatoes on one tray.

:: (Optional) Drizzle with olive oil.

:: I left out the olive oil to cut some calories and instead just gave the potatoes a quick spray of the non-stick cooking spray.

:: Sprinkle sea salt over potatoes.

:: Bake at 400 F for 8-10 minutes.  Flip over and continue baking for an additional 8-10 minutes. (If you see any of the thinner strands becoming super crispy, feel free to pull them out.)

YUM!  We all scarfed these down in seconds – they were delicious.

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