Astronaut Elf on the Shelf Ideas + Printables

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Is that the man on the moon? Nope, it’s an elf. He’s space walking, moon exploring going places no elf has gone before. Space fans will LOVE these astronaut elf ideas and printables! 

 astronaut elf ideas

Elf Astronaut Ideas

Can you believe it? How does our elf know that we have a completely space and NASA obsessed boy in this house? Oboe somehow knew, however, and this week he delivered BIG TIME.

Today we add 2 super fun, space themed elf scenes to our collection of elf ideas!

Space Walk Elf

Materials needed:

Elf and space shuttle are suspended from ceiling with fishing twine. Tie the elf and the shuttle together with another piece of twine if they need a little help being stabilized. Connect elf and shuttle with string/tubing. Affix the tubing to the objects with tape if necessary.

Place helmet on elf.  Additionally, you can cover his body with aluminum foil to mimic a space suit. (See example of this in our Elf on the Moon pictures.)

elf astronaut flying

Space Shuttle Elf

Man on the Moon Elf

For this scene, your elf can channel his or her inner Neil Armstrong and take that important first walk on the moon!

Materials needed:

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Wrap the elf in aluminum foil and set him up on the moon with the flag.

Elf on the Moon

We hope you enjoy these astronaut elf ideas for YOUR family elf!

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