Ancient Egypt Mummy Elf on the Shelf + Printables

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Your family elf can really head off on a bit of time travel with this fun theme! Great tie-in to any archaeology lessons or studies centered around Ancient Egypt! Grab our free Ancient Egypt Mummy elf printables for the perfect finishing touch!

Elf map mummy

The older I get, the harder it is for me to recall various highlights from my elementary school years. However one unit that I doubt I will EVER forget was in 6th grade when we embarked up a year-long Social Studies unit of ancient civilizations. I absolutely LOVED this year of world history and of course it helps that my teacher had a brilliant way of making the history come alive for us.

So for today’s addition to our incredibly huge elf ideas collection, I present you with the archaeologist elf!

Your elf can set up this scene using our free printables (see below) and then he can add some other props, depending on what you have laying around the house (or what you feel like investing in). If you are looking to spark some interest in learning about Ancient Egypt, I remember LOVING this book as a kid.

Ancient Egypt Mummy Elf Scene

Your elf will need:

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How to Set Up the Scene:

1. Place sand around the scene.

2. Make an ident in the sand and nestle the mummy and/or sarcophagus in the indentation.

3. Cut our our printables and place them around the scene. Our elf stuck the three Egyptian gods/goddesses in the background in the sand. He held the treasure map on his lap.

That’s it! Have fun with this one!


Archaeologist Mummy Elf PIN

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