Flying High: Zing Toys Air Storm Z-Tek Bow Review and Video

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Zing Toys Air Storm Z-Tek Bow Review and Video

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My toy testers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season by trying out some of the latest and greatest toys to see which ones end up on their list to recommend to you! Up this week: Air Storm Z-Tek Bow and Arrow Sets!

Zing Air Storm Bows

The Air Storm Z-Tek Bow and Arrow sets join the Zing Toys lineup and I knew just by looking at the packaging that my kids were going to have a lot of fun with these.  It’s important to note that the recommended age on the box is 14+.  We tested them with a 5 year old and a 10 year old and I honestly wasn’t sure if the 5 year old would be able to catch on.  Lily (10) picked up her bow and was sailing arrows across the yard within minutes.  Landon (5) needed a little coaching and some practice but I was shocked when after just about 15 minutes or so, he totally had the hang of it and was flying arrows from one side of the yard to the other!

What’s in the box?  Each Air Storm Z-Tek Bow set comes with the bow (which is small and fairly light) and 6 arrows.  3 arrows are Zing’s Zonic whistle arrows and holy MOLY do they ever whistle!  (You can hear the whistle in our video below.)  You also get 3 Zartz suction cup arrows which are perfect for landing on a target or window or, well I’ll let you decide.  This set also includes a paper target.

So how far are we talking?  The box claims that these arrows shoot a distance of up to 145 feet.  While I did not have my giant tape measure on hand, I can say that these things FLY.  We’re talking far!  I was able to shoot at arrow from our patio that flew across the entire backyard and landed in the horse pasture.  That’s a really decent distance!

Right out of the box, the kids had a blast shooting arrows all over the yard.  They would each shoot their 6 arrows and then head out to collect them for another round of shooting.

Zing Air Storm Bows

Lily Bow and Arrow

Zing Sportz Archery Target

A little target practice – After they spent some time free shooting, we took the included target and propped it up on the kids’ swing set.  They took turns trying to hit the target with the suction cup arrows.  I loved watching them concentrate and use a whole lot of hand-eye coordination.  They loved trying to get a bullseye.

Lily Bow Arrow Set

Landon Archery Practice

Zing Sportz Archery Target

See these bows in action – check out our video!

Final Thoughts

One of the key elements that I look at when deciding if I think a toy has what it takes to be a good investment is how often my kids return to play with it after the initial excitement has worn off. I have to tell you – they keep coming back to this one!  We opened these bows about 2 weeks ago and they have easily taken them back outside for playtime at least half a dozen times since the first couple days.  The toys are engaging and perform as described.  They can play with them together or one kid can head out on his own and play independently.  I love that these bow sets encourage the kids to get outside and be active, and I have really enjoyed watching them put down the tablets to opt for outdoor play.

Myself and the kids all wholeheartedly recommend the Air Storm Z-Tek Bow!

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