How to Make a Simple Pie Dessert Bar

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How to Make a Pie Dessert Bar!

Take a traditional pie and turn it into an easy-to-hold sampler dish.  Having a pie dessert bar at your next party will give your guests some tasty, portioned options so they can sample more than one flavor of pie without feeling too full!

Simple Pie Dessert Bar

How many holiday gatherings does your family host or attend each year?  Our calendar is already brimming with dinners and parties that we can’t wait to enjoy in November and December.  We host our fair share of those get-togethers and Bob and I always have fun planning our menu.

Appetizers and dinner are usually pretty easy.  We bring back old favorites and throw in a new recipe or two.  Desserts though, are a whole different beast.  We love to get creative and try new things.  Sometimes we go overboard and make way too many desserts.  Dessert is hard to plan because everyone is usually so stuffed from dinner, they may not eat many sweets.

So this year we challenged ourselves to come up with something delicious, as well as portioned, to encourage our guests to be able to sample different flavors.  Our dessert of choice?  PIES!!!  Yes, that’s right, PIE.  I enjoy pie all year round but especially during the Fall.  We were able to find a selection of different frozen pies at the store.

We ended up purchasing a Dutch Apple Pie, a Razzleberry Pie and a Southern Pecan Pie. The Southern Pecan just needs to be defrosted before serving – the other two have to be baked prior to dessert time.

Since the perfect addition to any piece of pie is whipped cream, we made sure to pick up a new can of that as well!

As we cruised the store aisles, the plans for our pie bar started to take shape. We knew that we wanted something that looked fun, inviting, tasty and simple. We rounded up sampling-sized clear cups and also found some adorable little chalkboard signs for labeling our pie choices.

The Pie Bar Starts Taking Shape!

Here are all of the pieces we had to work with:

Pie Bar Supplies

Here is how we set up this incredibly tasty, incredibly inviting, incredibly REALLY SUPER CUTE pie dessert bar! Basically each cup was filled with a different kind of pie. For the Southern Pecan Pie we used a circle cutter and placed two circles of pie in each cup.

Pecan Pie

Cutting a Pecan Pie

Southern Pecan Pie

The Razzleberry Pie has a pastry crust and the circle cutter came in handy again. First, we cut the crust in circular shapes and set them aside. Then we scooped pie filling into the sampling cups. For the final touch, each cup received a circle of crust.

Razzleberry Pie

Razzleberry Pie Dessert

The final pie that we put in our pie was Dutch Apple. We scraped as much of the crumb topping off of this pie as possible and set it aside. Then we scooped filling into each cup, finally topping with the crumbs.

Dutch Apple Pie

I have to say, the end result was simply delicious looking!  Not only was it scrumptious to look at, it will make it super easy for guests to take different kinds of pie as they please.

Make a Mini Pie Dessert Bar

Mini Pie Bar

I wish you and your family the very best of holiday seasons. I am looking forward to ours even more so than other years because the kids are at such a wonderful age to really “get” the joy of the season and family time. Tell me – what are YOUR must-have pie flavors for holiday entertaining?


How to Make a Simple Pie Dessert Bar

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