Acme Trip Today: SAVED 91% WOOHOO!!!!!!

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My friends, there are just sometimes that you have to kick up your heels and shout a huge “YAHOOOOOO!” to the sky after a good (GREAT) coupon trip.

Coupons can be frustrating.

Coupons can be finicky.

Coupons can require planning, readjusting, thinking on your feet, quick mental math (ahh!) and large doses of patience.

A good sense of humor also helps.

But there are few things that fill me with more of a euphoric high than walking out of a store with a CART full of groceries for pennies.

Oh!  I love you, coupons!  I really do!


Today’s trip to Acme was a big success.  I had two different deals that I wanted to try- a Campbell’s deal and a Betty Crocker Deal.

Total before savings: $107

Price I paid: $9.77 (91% savings!!)

Here’s what I bought:

acme 917

Note: I did NOT get overage today. The cashier adjusted the coupon values so that items were free, but no overage given.  At Acme overage is always YMMVOpens in a new tab..

Campbell’s Deal: Spend $15, Get 500 Bonus Campbell Soup Labels for Education Bonus Points

6 SpaghettiO’s + 6 Tomato Soup – $.39 each (Limit 6 of each) = $4.68
I used 2 $.40/3 SpaghettiO’s coupon from the 8/29 SmartSource Insert
Total: $3.08 for all 12

4 Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup – $.79 = $3.16
I used 1 $.40/4 Campbell’s coupon from the 9/12 SmartSource Insert
Total: $2.36 for all 4

2 Pop Secret – $1.67 each = $3.34
I used 1 $.50/2 Pop Secret coupon from the 8/29 Red Plum Insert
Total: $2.34 for both

This deal rolled off the shelf prices – after coupons I paid $7.78 for all of those products PLUS I got the 500 bonus points.

Betty Crocker Deal: For every 6 products you purchase, the price for all products drops from $1.49/each to $.99/each

Bought 5 each of the following: Frosting, Cake Mix, Bisquick, Warm Delights
Bought 10 Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix

Total: Bought 30 products (so 5 groups of 6) @ $.99/each = $29.70

I used the following coupons:
5 $.50/1 Bisquick coupons from the 8/8 SS Opens in a new tab.Insert (All 5 were FREE after coupons and doubling
5 $.75/1 Warm Delights coupons from the 8/8 SS Opens in a new tab.Insert (All 5 were FREE after coupons and doubling
5 $.75/2 Supreme Brownie Mix coupons from the 8/8 SS Opens in a new tab.Insert (All 10 were $.24 each after coupons and doubling
5 $.75 off any Cake Mix AND Frosting from the 8/8 SS Opens in a new tab.Insert (All 10 were $.24 each after coupons and doubling

Total out of pocket spending for all 30 products: $4.80

THEN! I used the $5 Kraft Cheese catalina left over from free cheese maniaOpens in a new tab. 2 weeks ago.

It was one of those days that I couldn’t help but grin as I left the store.

Coupons rock!

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12 thoughts on “Acme Trip Today: SAVED 91% WOOHOO!!!!!!

  1. I admire your feat. . .but there isn’t a single fresh item in that bunch. . . . is that really how a family should eat?

    I am all for using coupons, but I’m also against buying a bunch of crap just because you have a coupon.

    1. Diane-
      While I appreciate your comments, I will thank you not to make judgments against the food I purchase.

      If you have followed my blog for a long time, you know that we donate many items that we get free with coupons. At least half of this will be donated.

      The brownie mix and cake mix are great to have on hand for picnics, parties, etc- we can always bring a dessert without breaking the bank. The expiration dates on these products is August 2011- plenty of time to use them.

      We spend $20/week on fresh produce at a local farmer’s market. Many nights we eat 2 vegetables along with a lean meat and rice or pasta.

      We purchase hormone free milk at a local dairy along with farm fresh eggs.

      I am even considering raising our weekly budget to allow for us to buy local, hormone free meat.

      Today’s trip at Acme represents about 1 year’s worth of party desserts, donation goods and soups/snacks for my husband’s lunches- he loves that stuff even if I nor my daughter eats it.

  2. I was certainly not trying to be judgemental of you or your family’s eating habits. I apologize for my abruptness, but this was my first thought after seeing the picture of what you bought. Unfortunately others may read your blog and purchase these items in lieu of fresh food. It is expensive to eat well.

    Kudos to you for saving the brownies & cake for parties and special occasions. (If they were in my house I’d probably eat them all at once-LOL) I’m also a big farmer’s market supporter. I’d rather save money in other areas so my family can eat healthy.

    I actually just came across your blog today for the first time. Just suggesting that next time you post something like this include in the post that you’ve bought these items to consume over the next year.

    1. I totally appreciate the comment- and I’m sorry I typed out such a bible. LOL I take a lot of heat sometimes for using coupons to purchase processed foods when the truth is we don’t eat it all and we purchase a TON of fresh veggies/fruit every week that I don’t post.

      This was a GREAT reminder (push!) for me to write a really thorough 101 post on what we buy each week and how we make a point to fit fresh, local foods into our small budget.

      Thank you- constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcomed! :)

  3. OMG, you freaking amaze me every time I see these HUGE deal pictures. What do the cashiers say to you??? I would be doing a dance in the aisle I think. And a comment off topic, they now have Gluten free Bisquick and I am dying to try it….it’s sitting in my kitchen…hard as heck to find!

  4. I, for one, rarely purchase produce at the grocery store. Nothing beats the prices and the freshness of local produce!! Stores like the Acme don’t even come close!!!

  5. I’m one of many ladies that follow your blogs to learn how to put great deals together. Please don’t change a thing. I print your blog and carry it in a notebook with the coupons to the market. I’m saving so much! Most of the boxes of processed food have recipe ideas to incorporate them into healthy balanced meals. You can also get on the computer and find more recipes. Not everyone gets home hours before suppertime. Thanks for saving me time and money. Check out the Fuze drink displays. I found coupons at the Pathmark display for $1.50 off $3 of fresh fruit when you buy 2 Fuze. Combine that with the Acme deal and you buy 10 Fuze, get 5 free Gold Peak iced tea with the coupon in the flyer. Anna

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