Accordion Pumpkin Craft (Halloween Activity)

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This adorable Halloween themed paper craft is perfect for kids or adults! The end result is a fun Jack ‘O Lantern accordion pumpkin that is sure to brighten any space. Find the tutorial below!

Accordion Pumpkin Paper Craft HERO

Halloween Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are a great activity to enjoy with kids and adults. These crafts can be transformed into so many different decorations and other items.

I love how the accordion pumpkin craft turned out! You can certainly feel free to swap out different paper colors for the ones shown in our example if you want. Use your own creative license to create the look you like!

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Accordion Pumpkin Craft Supply List

Round up the following supplies to make your pumpkins!

pumpkin craft supplies

Printable Jack ‘O Lantern Template

Get the template: Jack ‘O Lantern Template

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How to Make an Accordion Pumpkin Craft

1. Fold the orange piece of construction paper accordion style.

Folding orange construction paper
accordion style folded paper

2. Fold the entire page in half lengthwise. Glue ends together to resemble a half-circle.

3. Repeat entire process with a 2nd piece of orange construction paper. Glue the paper halves together to form a complete circle shape.

Circle fanned paper

4. Cut out the pumpkin face pieces from our template. Trace the templates on a piece of black construction paper and cut them out.

Pumpkin eyes nose black paper
Cutting out pumpkin mouth
construction paper pumpkin face

5. Glue the face on the orange pumpkin. Let dry.

Finished accordion pumpkin craft

That’s it!

Enjoy hanging up your pumpkins!


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