A Letter to My Daughter on her First Day of 1st Grade

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Dear Lily,

4 years ago I dropped you off for your first day of nursery school in the 2-day/week program. You held our hands as you walked in the door. You hugged us, said goodbye and shooed us out the door so that your adventure could begin.
Dad and I went to lunch, where we sat with tears in our eyes as we talked about how grown up you were.

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3 years ago I dropped you off for your first day of nursery school in the 3-day program. You bounded in the door and immediately settled into your new classroom.
I walked out to my car and started to cry when your favorite Taylor Swift song came on the radio, thinking of how quickly time was passing.


2 years ago I dropped you off for your first day of Pre-K. You hugged your old friends, introduced yourself to your new friends and immediately fell in love with your sweet teacher. You told everyone that you were about to become a big sister, as I was nearing month 9 of Landon’s pregnancy.
I waddled out to my car, threw the air conditioner up to its max and wedged myself into my seat. I smiled as I drove home thinking about how much fun you were going to have that year.

first day of pre k

1 year ago your brother and I dropped you off for your first day of Kindergarten. I skipped the car line to walk you in and fought every urge not to conduct a short photo shoot at your seat. Instead I hugged you a bit tighter than usual. I smiled at your teacher and hoped she was the kind of teacher that would cherish your personality and grow your mind (she did!).
I lugged your brother back to the car, strapped him into his seat, got into my seat and started to cry. Not just a sniffle, but a big ‘ol ugly cry. Time was moving too fast and my heart couldn’t take it.

Lily 1st day of school b

Today I walked you to your bus stop for your first day of 1st grade. I smiled as you squealed and jumped with excitement when that big yellow bus came down the road. I hugged you fiercely, and somehow found the strength to let go and send you on your way. I put the camera down, skipping the whole “capture kid walking onto bus for first time ever” moment and instead took your hand and walked you to those big bus steps. We watched you bounce down the bus aisle, immediately find a friend to sit with, and saw you chit-chatting excitedly, not even seeing us wave as the bus drove away.
I walked Landon back to the house and tried to let your excitement overtake my feelings of anxiety and sadness.

first day of school


I cannot wait to watch you take 1st grade by storm, Lily. Your love for learning, your social nature, your thirst for knowledge and your zest for life are all about to embark on an amazing journey.

Your first bus ride, your own desk, full day at school, lunch at school… this is the big time!

I hope that you love school as much as I did.

I hope that you love your teacher enough to remember her many years from now.

I hope that you make many new friends and always stick up for the kids that need a friend.

I hope that you know how proud your parents are of you, always.

I hope you know that I’ll be counting down the hours until that big yellow bus brings you back home.

Happy 1st Day of School!

Love you so much,


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  1. My son had his first day of First Grade today as well. I am looking forward to seeing him again in 40 minutes off the bus!


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