7 Must-Haves for Equestrian Moms in the Winter

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Must-Haves for Equestrian Moms in the Winter

It’s winter.

And even though this winter has had some (WONDERFUL) breaks from the frigid cold so far this year, we have experienced some crazy cold snaps here in PA.  Those cold snaps can roll right into early Spring.  This makes for some chilly riding lessons (when we can get them in when the ring is not frozen).  It also makes for some downright FREEZING horse show mornings when our reporting time usually has us leaving our house at or just before the sunrise.

equestrian moms

Never fear, fellow equestrian moms!  There are some fabulous products that are just waiting to help ease the freeze.  Even though today is Fave 5 Friday, I am having trouble narrowing my choices, so you’re getting 2 bonus items.   That makes a list of 7 products worth checkout out as you attempt to stay warm while watching your little rider trot around the ring!

1.  Heat Holders Leggings and SocksHeat Holders sent us a few products to try out and their leggings and socks are my new best friends.  Lily has a pair of their children’s tights and they have become a staple under her riding pants.  These products are the ultimate weapon in keeping you warm in the coldest winter elements.  The socks, tights and leggings hold heat inside, eliminating the need to layer socks, pants, etc.  I was wearing my Heat Holders socks the other day in slightly-above-freezing temps and my feet were actually sweaty!  The bonus to Heat Holders products is that they are available in an array of great colors, making them just as stylish as they are functional.

Heat Holders Socks and Leggings

2.  High Quality Waterproof Boots – Several years ago we stopped on a whim at Cabela’s on our way home from a camping trip.  I found these boots by MuckBoots in the discount area and they have been one of the best purchases I ever made.  Bob now has a pair of MuckBoots and several of our friends have bought their own pairs at our recommendation.  They are the best!  They keep water out and keep heat in.  These are a must-have for slushy barnyards and muddy horse show fields!  Another boot brand that we really like is Bogs (the kids each have a pair).

Cabela's Muck Boots

3.  Grabber Warmers – These one-time-use instant warmers come in a variety of sizes (toe warmers, hand warmers, etc).  We always keep several of these stashed in the diaper bag, car and horse show bag.  They activate upon opening the package and get nice and hot.  I stuff them in my pockets and also in Lily’s pockets for warming up our hands.

Grabber Warmers

4.  Warm Winter Coat – As in, a real coat.  Not a hoodie, not the windbreaker you found left in the back of the car from last year’s soccer season.  A REAL HONEST-TO-GOODNESS coat.  Bonus points if it has down and/or fleece and a hood!  I bought myself my first winter coat in YEARS last fall and it has been life changing!  This Women’s Premier Down Parka from Lands’ End has kept me warm on even the coldest of days and nights.

5.  Battery Heated Sweatshirt – I will give you another option if coats are simply too bulky for your liking.  Check out battery heated sweatshirts!  Bob bought me one a couple year’s ago for Christmas made by Milwaukee.  It’s a wonderful sweatshirt to keep me cozy. Late fall horse shows usually find me wearing this one.

Milwaulkee Battery Heated Sweatshirt

6.  Smartphone Gloves – There’s nothing more annoying to me than when I want to snap a picture with my phone and I have to rip my gloves off in order to do so.  Invest in a pair of smartphone gloves (lots of options below $10) which allow you to use a touchscreen device without take them off your hands.  Never miss a picture opp again!

7.  A Quality Travel Mug – Leaky mugs, not-insulated-enough mugs, cheap mugs that crack.  I have ZERO time for crappy mugs.  I want a quality travel mug that will keep my coffee piping hot throughout Lily’s riding lesson.  Last Christmas I gave Bob a Contigo Autoseal Mug and shortly after stealing it for a morning to use, I bought myself one.  These mugs ROCK!!  They don’t leak, are easy to drink from and keep our drinks hot.  Ours have been worth every penny!


7 Must-Haves for Equestrian Moms in the Winter

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