6 Fun Alternatives to Trick or Treating This Year

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This year, Halloween may be a little different than in years past. If you’re worried about taking your kids trick or treating, you’re not alone. Many parents are weighing the pros and cons of participating in trick or treating with their kids this year. And if you decide not to go trick or treating, don’t worry! Your kids can still have a fun and memorable Halloween without heading outside your home. These six fun alternatives to trick or treating are a great replacement for the annual Halloween tradition.

Alternatives to Trick or Treating Ideas

Fun Alternatives to Trick or Treating

Believe it or not, there are a bunch of fun alternatives to trick or treating! Get a little creative and plan ahead. Choose an item or two from the ideas below and enjoy some Halloween fun with the kids!

Halloween Boos

This year, Boo your neighbors for Halloween and maybe get Booed in return. A Halloween Boo is a gift or treat left anonymously by your neighbor or friend. Booing is a pay-it-forward Halloween game. Once someone has been booed, they must boo two more people, so the fun gets passed around your neighborhood!

To boo one of your neighbors:
Pack up two Halloween treats with a note that says, “You’ve Been Booed,” along with the instructions for the activity. In your note, tell your neighbors that they should create two new boo gifts, along with a copies of your note. Then, your neighbor should pick two new people to
boo this Halloween.

Set your Boo gift on your neighbor’s porch. But don’t let them see you! You could lurk around the corner to see their reaction, but that’s totally optional!

Get the free printables: I just so happen to have a free printable Boo Your Neighbor set that you can use!

boo your neighbors kit collage

Mail-In Treats

Instead of taking your kids around the neighborhood getting candy from friends and family, bring the candy to your kids. Ask your friends and family members to send your kid’s treats in the mail this year in lieu of a trick or treating visit. As the packages come in, gather them up and hold on to them until Halloween. On the big day, let your kids open each package and enjoy the treats inside.

Mailed Candy

Halloween Party at Home

Make Halloween a celebration without ever leaving your house this year by hosting a fun Halloween party at home. Decorate your house with fun Halloween decorations to make the event special for the entire family. Then, create a delicious Halloween dinner with plenty of sweet treats to enjoy, and have an at-home costume contest so your kids still get a chance to dress up for the holiday. And don’t forget to play some Halloween party games to keep the kids entertained.

Grab this Halloween treat printable pack to make the spread pictured below!

Creepy Crunch Halloween Snack Mix

Virtual Costume Party

Give your kids a chance to show off their costumes and see the fun costume ideas their friends came up with a virtual costume party. Set up a Zoom meeting or Google Hangout with your kid’s friends on Halloween. Get your kids decked out in their costumes, then set them up on their video call so they can show off their look to all their friends. After everyone gets a chance to show their costume, plan some fun games to play online or just let the kids chat for a while before ending the call. We have had a lot of fun with this virtual scavenger hunt game.

Go Trick or Treating at Home

Just because your kids can’t go from house to house doesn’t mean they can’t trick or treat this year. Get your kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes, like you normally would on Halloween night. Then, set up candy stations in different rooms of your house and let the kids travel from room to room gathering their candy. You can make it simple by setting out bowls filled with candy in each room. Or get a little more elaborate with your at-home trick or treating by decorating each room in a different Halloween theme.

pumpkin halloween treat bucket

Make Your Own Treat Bags

Turn candy gathering into a fun Halloween craft by letting your kids decorate their own treat bags. Give your kids a plain bag, along with some craft supplies like scissors, markers, and stickers. Then, let them get creative by designing their own bags for Halloween night. After the bags are decorated, fill them with fun Halloween treats. Whether you create homemade treats for your kids to enjoy or fill the bags with their favorite Halloween candy, giving your kids a personalized treat bag is a great alternative to trick or treating this year.

DIY Jack O Lantern Halloween Treat Bag

Create a Candy Scavenger Hunt

Make hunting for candy a little more fun this Halloween by creating your own candy scavenger hunt. Hide your kids’ favorite candy around the house like you would hide eggs on Easter. But instead of sending them out to find the candy, give them clues to where the candy is located. Create a starting clue that you give your kids to get the game going, then place a clue in each of the candy hiding spots directing them to the next location. Get your kids all dressed up in their Halloween costumes, then give them the first clue and let them go on a Halloween adventure inside your home.

Dollar Store Movie Candy Candy in Containers

Bonus Idea: Shopping Spree

This one cracks me up, but I have to tell you, it most DEFINITELY excited my kids. When we were eating dinner a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I really wasn’t sure if we were going to go trick or treating or not. Of course, they were disappointed. But then I told them that if trick or treating was a no-go this year, as an alternative, I would give them each $10 to buy whatever candy they wanted at the grocery store. Their eyes got as round as saucers and they were definitely excited! The bonus to this alternative is that you can pick up your FAVORITE candy and don’t have to trade away the things you don’t like.

nestle candy at walmart halloween

What are your plans for Halloween this year? If you have any ideas that aren’t on our list, I would love to hear them! Please leave me a comment below with your ideas! Wishing you all a fun and safe Halloween this year!

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  1. I raided the dollar stores and Boo-ed 3 neighbors. I have given non food treats since I moved here and it was (unfortunately) easy for one neighbor to figure out it was me. She Pmed me and told me the kids were “Christmas/Easter” excited. Made me feel warm and fuzzy.


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