52 Week Savings Challenge Free Printable

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Love a good savings challenge? We have a couple of fun ones you can try! Whether you kick these off on New Year’s Day, or start them on a different date of your choosing, these 52 Week Savings Challenge printables will help you save some cash for your rainy day fund!

52 Week savings challenge

About five years ago, I posted my very first version of the 52 Week Savings Challenge.

Today, I am adding a new one!

I love the traditional version of this challenge (see below) which will net you $1,378 after 52 weeks of saving.  However let’s face it – that plan had many weeks of saving $30+ each week, and sometimes that’s just not in the budget.  I don’t want anyone to be discouraged by the actual money amounts, so today I am adding a different version that might be one you’d like to try! This new version never requires more than a $10 deposit and at the end of the year, you will have $309 saved up.

The premise is the same for both challenges: each week save a different amount of money. By the end of the 52 weeks, you will have a sum of money that you can use however you see fit!

It really does add up!

Here’s the thing… it’s no secret that squirreling away cash cash really add up.  (Yes, I’m also the person that hides my Monopoly money under the game board until the end of the game when I BUY ALL THE THINGS.)

Consider taking the 52 week savings challenge with me!  If you stick to one of the plans, you’ll end up with either $309 or $1,378 in cold hard cash by the end of the year.  Rainy day fund, vacation money, Christmas present money – whatever you choose!  Grab our printable that you want to try. Each one features a spot to check off when that week has been completed.

Note about all printables: Find links to each printable challenge below.  These printables are for PERSONAL use only. You can grab our printable tags below by entering your email address in the box and opt-in to receive our free newsletter.  Check your inbox for this printable, which you will receive as a subscriber bonus. 

52 Week Savings Challenge (NEW! Save $309)

Get our NEW 52 Week Savings Challenge! You can save in smaller increments and will end up with $309 by the end of the year.

52 Week savings challenge

52 Week Savings Challenge (TRADITIONAL! Save $1378)

The next version is the traditional 52 week savings challenge.  Simply put, you deposit dollars each week equal to the week number.  Week 1 you deposit $1, week 2 you deposit $2 and so on.  This plan lets you start small and doesn’t require more sizable portions until the second half of the year.

52 week savings challenge plan

52 Week Savings Challenge (REVERSE TRADITIONAL! Save $1378)

The final version is the 52 week savings challenge IN REVERSE.  For those of you who prefer to get the bigger payments out of the way right away, this plan is for you.  You start out on Week 1 with the largest contribution you’ll make all year – $52.  Every week decreases from there until you get to week 52 when you’ll just put in $1!

52 week savings challenge reverse

52 Week Savings Challenge

Who’s in?!

We actually completed the traditional challenge a couple of weeks ago!

I am so excited to add this update as we are just days away from yet another new year.  WE COMPLETED THE CHALLENGE and managed to save up $1378!!!!  We will be using our challenge savings to pay for 100% of a weekend vacation for the whole family next Spring…  and STILL have several hundred dollars left over to throw in the Disney trip fund for later next year.  I’m thrilled!!  You HAVE to give it a try!

52 week savings challenge finished

What would you save for if you did one of these savings challenges? These challenges are fun to involve the whole family in and are a great way to introduce the kids to the concept of saving. They will love watching the money add up and even better, maybe decide as a family what the money will be spent on!  Let me know which challenge you ended up trying and what your family decided to save up for!


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52 Week Savings Challenge Printables

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